Ch25. Deal with the devil

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Italy, 36 AD

"This is ridiculous!" Whined Aquarius as he dug up another grave for another dead body
"Well if you didn't kill these guys we wouldn't be in this mess, now would we?" Orion reminded
"Oh, don't act like your a saint" Aquarius argued "you know it pathetic really, how you throw yourself and your body at every single boy that shows you a little affection"
"Behave, Aquarius" castor commanded while he threw a body into the pit
"Yeah Aquarius!" Ophiuchus mimicked "it's not Orions fault she's a lovesick fool"
Aquarius chuckled as his remark but castor didn't look impressed and Orion looked like she was going to cry.
"Pollux! We need to get going" castor yelled "Cassie and Cepheus are waiting for us"
"Not that they had much choice" muttered Aquarius
"What did you just say?" Ophiuchus asked
"I said that you need to stop daggering us then locking us in coffins" Aquarius replied bitterly
(A/N I didn't steal.... I simply borrowed, this is the only thing I could come up with)
Before ophiuchus could reply, castor strutted towards them tipsily holding in large jug
"I come baring gifts! Finest wine I've tased, a  Rare delicacy" Pollux smiled "you should just through a feast in my honour right about now"
"How we gonna, you thing of that brainiac?" Aquarius commented
They had been roaming around Italy after fleeing from England for almost a week now, no clothes (except what they were wearing), no money, and nowhere to live...
"Oh, oh! I got it" exclaimed ophiuchus " we can sell Orion the a Roman soldier"
"We are not selling our cousin!" Stated castor annoyed
"Thank you castor, anyway can I was thinking that we should take this guys waggon, I mean, he's not gonna need it and if I walk another step I will faint, it's not good for my completion" Orion suggestion
Reluctantly, castor agreed and they wore the clothes and took the money that the people they fed on had provided.

"I know! We can compel a castle!" Orion stated gleefully
"King Aquarius does have a wonderful ring to it, don't you think?" Aquarius asked smugly
"Please, your a as immature as a kid, heck you still are one" ophiuchus began
"And you aren't? Anyway none of us have master compulsion yet" Aquarius argued
"Children please! None of you would be worthy kings.... I would I'm the eldest" castor commented
"By 5 minutes!" Pollux sulked at the same time as Aquarius' "Cassie's older!"
"It doesn't matter let's just live in a castle!" Orion said
"And if they disagree I will burn the villagers at the stake" Aquarius grinned wickedly
"You can't kill the food" Pollux reminded
"I'll eat them then burn them at the stake!" Aquarius corrected
"No ones killing anyone!" Castor yelled "that's enough of this conversation! If you three don't stop arguing I'll dagger the lot of you, and yes ophiuchus I know where you hide them"
They didn't make a peep until they arrived at the closest village.

Aquarius P.O.V

I got snapped out of my train of memories by cancer tapping my arm to say that we're here~ ophiuchus place, were he builds an army and rests his narcissistic head, not to mention my vain little cousin. I didn't even bother to knock on his door, I just pounded the door down with my foot. His army immediately took action and while cancer used the best of her abilities she she was outnumbered, Scorpio hadn't found is 'unique power' yet as he likes to call it so he had to use his other strengths though he was bested, castor was fine though, he made himself a huge pile of hearts. I was fine- but not the best, though I handled it all.
"OPHIUCHUS!!!" Castor shouted in rage
"well if it isn't my burden of an older brother and my ludicrous younger brother" ophiuchus grinned as his army stepped aside so he can get through "that's a family reunion right there"
"Is not a family reunion without me" Orion smiled as she gracefully walked down the stairs.
"Ah, cousin Orion, I was wondering when you'll show" castor said unenthusiastically
"Castor! How you been?" She asked
"Ophiuchus we need your blood to save Leo" I stated getting to the point
"What makes you believe I'll help you?" Ophiuchus laughed
"What do you want? I'll give it to you" I replied
"But can you let Scorpio and cancer go, and where's Pollux?"
"Ok, I'll give you my blood and release Scorpio and cancer IF you join me, both of you" ophiuchus spoke.
I know if we do he'll make us awful things but Leo's life is only the line and sometimes you got to make a deal with the devil and that is the only reason I said

Hope you enjoyed, should I make a
spin-off for all the flashbacks? I have a lot more spare time now so I think I can handle it if you guys were interested.


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