Ch26. Humanity

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Libras P.O.V

I woke up in a chair, strapped with vervain ropes- it hurt like a bitch. I didn't know where I was but I did know that I was hungry, oh so very hungry.
" I know this is you Sagittarius!" I yelled "let me go and then maybe I won't kill you!"
Sagittarius unlocked the door with a stern look on his face
"Aww is little Sagi upset with me?" I pretended to be upset
"Leo is dying" he said
"Your lying, anyway I don't care" I replied to him
I really couldn't care less, why won't they just leave me alone?
"You say that but it doesn't make me believe you" he commented
"Well you've always been quite dense" I smiled
He just nodded and the left which baffled me, Sagittarius isn't one for quitting.

A few moments later Sagittarius came back with a bottle of water in his hand, was he giving me a drink? I was mortifyingly wrong by the way because It ended up being vervain so my whole face burnt, it wasn't pretty
"Is that meant to turn my humanity back on?" I laughed "pretty pathetic"
"Ok, ok, I didn't wanna have to do this but hey, I've lived a long life" stated Sagittarius
What's that supposed to mean? All of a sudden, Capricorn walked out with a gun in his hand
"Your bluffing" I said as Capricorn aimed the gun to Sagittarius heart
"Not this time, you have five seconds to stop it before Capricorn shoots me" Sagittarius answered
This is absurd Capricorn doesn't have the guts to shoot Sagittarius so I just waiting there for Capricorn to 'shoot him'.
"2..." Capricorn counted and yet I did nothing
"1" at that very moment Capricorn shot Sagittarius right in the chest.

I screamed trying to break free from the ropes as my emotions came flooding back in. What have I done? I've killed countless many people, doomed Leo to the faint I made my sister suffer and now Sagittarius, my best friend is dead and it's all my fault! I started apologising to his corpse but it was muffled through all my sobs. Sagittarius body vanished, strangely just before Tari appeared behind the door
"You dick" I laugh in relief
"Hey, you brought it on yourself" he grinned
" I deserve that" I reply to him while he cuts through my ropes, I throw my arms around his neck and hug him tightly, no one has been there for me like Sagittarius he means the world to me and I don't deserve him as a best friend. Then I snapped back into of reality
"Oh my god, Leo" I panicked

I follow Tari and cap into the room Leo was in, I care rushing over to his body
"I'm so sorry" I sobbed and put my hand on his forehead
"It ok" He shivered~ he had a terrible fever
"It's not I'm an awful person" I argued
"No that wasn't you" he answered then coughed "I forgive you" they were is last words before passing out again which caused me to cry harder, wherever I go death follows. Sagittarius the came barging into the room
"That was cancer,they have ophiuchus' blood but Aquarius has to stay with ophiuchus and Orion" he said
A burst of hope ran through my body but so did guilt for condemning aqua to a life of killing with his brother.

Half an hour passed when cancer and Scorpio returned from there little expedition
"I see you've returned to your boring old self" cancer stated but I could tell she was glad
"Indeed, do you have it?" I asked her
"Right here" she says and hands it over to Sagittarius who mixes it with Geminis then pourers it onto a glass
"Drink this" Sagittarius tells Leo and makes him drink it.
For about 5 minutes nothing happened before Leo shot up panting heavily
"Well, how do you feel?"

Cliffhanger, hope you liked, blah blah blah, I need better things to say.... what do you thinks gonna happen to Leo? Will Leo and Libra finally become a thing? Or will he hate her forever? Will cancer actually be nice for once? Probably not!


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