Ch32. 10 minutes

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Scorpio P.O.V

Me, Taurus, Sagittarius and cancer were in the training 'headquarters' discussing an...issue..
"Right so your telling me you had a scary day-dream of you in a room with the words do not open the red door smeared in blood on the walls?" I asked in bewilderment
"Yes" Taurus answered
"Oh... right.. just checking" I commented
"What does that even mean?!?" Cancer questioned rubbing her temple
"Anything really, either fiscal or mental door" Sagittarius replied
"Mental door?" I said confused
"Yeah, buried in his subconscious, perhaps a trigger?" Sagittarius explained
"Yeah that's not really helping us, baba saga" cancer stated folding her arms
"Whatever it is we're gonna have to be ready" Sagittarius commented staring into the distance like a super hero... he does it often actually... it's quite worrying...

Capricorn P.O.V

Me and Leo were in the training room practicing on Carl as cancer named him. We were talking about how utterly pathetic and sad our love lives were.
"It's just been weird since she turned me, I think she's avoiding me" Leo explained
"Maybe she feels guilty?" I suggested
"Yeah, maybe... Anyway how's the girl your totally crushing on feel about you?" He responded
"Don't want to know" I said shaking my head.
Sagittarius suddenly bursts out of the headquarters doors
"Right, you two are gonna learn how to use your abilities" he stated walking up to us
"But your not a werewolf" I began
"No but I did spend to months in Mongolia with a pack of them so I doubt you know more than me, wolfboy" he said bitterly yet again being the supernatural encyclopaedia
"You Capricorn can only turn into an actual wolf on a full moon whereas Leo can but that doesn't mean you don't have anything else" he smirked "copy me" he got his hand and made a flick movement with his wrists down And me and leo began to copy him
"Nothing's happening!" I moaned and Leo pulled an annoyed expression
"Just shut up ok, now focus on a thing that makes you angry, channel it, use it" he responded
I thought about my abusive father, dodgy upbringing of what wealth does to someone~ warping them into monsters-the real monsters not the werewolf or the vampire or the witch of it all just ordinary people, how Innocent people are being slaughtered just because they were at the wrong place, at the wrong time, how no matter how hard I try I'm never good for anything!
"You must have a lot of anger built up in you" Sagittarius mentioned
I opened my eyes and blinked in astonishment to see claws, long and sharp claws on each hand
"Why's it not happening to me!" Leo whined
"Meh, perhaps you don't have what it takes" Sagittarius shrugged
"Right, anger, anger....I want to punch you in the face" Leo gritted
"Finally found some anger" Sagittarius said motioning to Leo's newly-grown claws "we'll finish this later, I have somewhere to be" and then he strutted up the stairs in a hurry.

No ones P.O.V

Sagittarius snuck into his room being ever so careful, hoping the vampires of the house weren't listening in. He picked up his phone and searched for Aquarius number, once he found it he rung it, placing it to his ear anxiously waiting for a response
"Right I've got ten minutes while castor takes a shower and ophiuchus and Orion fight" Aquarius said over the phone after picking it up
"Found out a way to harm an original?" Sagittarius asked desperately
"Other than the dagger, no but I'm working on it" Aquarius answered "I'm meeting a witch tomorrow"
"Ok good, how are you? Done anything dangerous and reckless?" Sagittarius interrogated him
"What?!?... pftttt.... me... no!.... why do you know something?" Aquarius struggled in a high pitched voice when one is nervous
"No, just checking" Sagittarius replied rolling his eyes "I ha~"
"Hold on" Aquarius interrupted, he put his hand over his phone trying to block out the sound so Sagittarius couldn't hear, though he still could.
"OPHIUCHUS! ORION! IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP I WILL RIP YOUR TONGUES FROM YOUR HEADS AND FEED THEM TO THE BLOODY SQUIRRELS!!!!!" He yelled then continued softly "I'm sorry, Sagittarius, what were you saying?"
"Never mind" tari replied "I'll call you soon"
And with that hung up on Aquarius which left him slightly stunned but he shrugged it off.

Aquarius made his way down the stairs to see why Orion and ophiuchus were fighting but to his surprise they were calmly watching the television together
"What was all the commotion about?" Aquarius asked
"Wouldn't you like to know" Orion shot back
"Okay?" Aquarius muttered confused and began to walk off but stopped by ophiuchus pointing a small sliver dagger to his back were the heart is located
"What are you doing?" Aquarius questioned, not moving a muscle
"How stupid do you think we are, brother? I know you are conspiring with Sagittarius" ophiuchus spat
"Please don't~" but ophiuchus cut him off by placing a dagger in his back causing him to desiccate within seconds but Aquarius could still hear the muffled sound of his last words
"Sorry little brother but I can't afford to lose and you are ruining my chances but don't worry I won't let anything bring you harm" ophiuchus whispered in his ear then him down.

10 minutes later

Castor comes walking in utterly confused while Orion watches t.v and ophiuchus reads, castor glances over at Aquarius on a small table in the middle of the room with a dagger jammed into his heart where ophiuchus moved it to the front
"Will either of you care to explain why Aquarius is on a coffee table?" Asked castor in disappointment because his siblings couldn't go two minutes without him and not cause havoc
"He was plotting against me... so I daggered him" ophiuchus explained not taking his eyes up from his book
Castor sighed and went back up stairs
"I was gone 10 minutes" castor says to himself "10 bloody minutes"

Well that parts done, not much going on here but I wanted Aquarius daggered so here is what you get and it may be a little crappy since I'm currently ill because I have the crappiest immune system EVER I can't go one bloody month without getting sick! Hope all you guys are good though, and next part coming soon so hold onto your hats....... yeah, I need help


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