Ch20. Ditching the shithole

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Taurus P.O.V

It's been a couple of days since I first met cancer and we are both still trapped in this shit hole.... and we're very bored.
"You are my fire, the one desire" cancer sings "believe when I say that I want it that way"
"TELL ME WHY" I exclaim
"Ain't nothing but a heartache"
"tElL mE wHy"
"Ain't nothing but a mistake"
"TeLl Me WhY!"
"I never want to hear you say"
"That I want it that, wayyyyyyyyy"
To be honest we both sound like dying cats but it was all good fun
"You two idiots have been driving my insane for the whole week" Carl cried
"CARL! My favourite guard! So how are you?" Cancer asks And Carl just rolled his eyes the mean dick
"Carl can you feed me something good for once?!?" I moan "I can't do my magic.. thing if I'm dead, now can I?"

Then the a blond girl who looks like Gemini came down.
"Oh my god, Gemini! Have you come to save us?" I ask
"No, no that ain't Gemini, that's her doppelgänger bitch" cancer explains
"Oh, righttttt" I said
"Cancer I've been given orders to kill you" she grinned
"Pftttt, your not gonna kill me" cancer laughs nervously
At that moment, Orion grabbed cancer by the arm, pushed her against the wall and then grabbed a stake and pointed it to her chest.
"Let her go" I say
"Awww, do you want to save your friend?" She laughed And pressed the stake slowly into her chest while cancer let out a cry
"Stop!" I plead grabbing onto the bars
Orion presses it in a little further
"Aghhhhh" cancer cried and Orion laughed
"STOP!!!" I scream then the lights burst, the bars completely obliviated out of existence and Orion and Carl set on fire. I could still feel the energy flow through my body and the sounds were a blare.

Cancers P.O.V

I just had a near death experience.
Luckily Taurus saved me but to be honest I'm quite worried. He just melted the bloody place down! Orion we come back soon but, aw, he killed Carl! Taurus eyes were a white and bright and his face was... expressionless
"Taurus?" I ask and touch his shoulder, he snaps out of his gaze
"Are you ok?" I say and he nods
"Are you?" He asked confused
"Yeah" I reply to him comfortingly
We go to the door and step over Carl (may he rest in peace). All ophiuchus's guards are now dead thanks to Taurus, he's a bloody power house!

We run off to the train station with nothing but the clothes on our backs. We head to the ticket booth and I compel us some tickets and a packet of chocolate buttons, then we get onto the train to celestford. After ten minutes of awkward silence I decided to brake it
"So are we gonna talk about what happened?" I question him
"Mmm, no, no, nothing to talk about" He said dodging the question
"Whatever, I'm tired now but don't think your getting off that easy" I say pointing my finger at him, We soon both drift off to sleep soon after.

Hope you enjoyed! Imma gonna start putting little gatcha images at the top because i can.


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