Ch40. The zodiacs

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Gemini P.O.V

We were all gathered into headquarters minus one bitchy vampire and her world destroying partner in crime... anyway, we were discussing wether to hide Aquarius or use him as leverage when about half an hour in cancer and Taurus finally decided to show up! I mean come on, the whole world at stake!
"Where have you been?" Sagittarius huffed in annoyance Clearly not wanting to put up with cancers bullshit any longer.. how the fuck are Libra and cancer related?!?! Can someone explain that to me!
"We took a slight detour" she replied not in the slightest bit bothered about us waiting As Taurus took a big slurp of his frappe... they went to Starbucks without getting me anything?!?! give me strength.
"Woah, you killed Aquapants without me?"cancer grinned
"I did actually" Aries sighed
"You killed your boyfriend?" She asked
"HES NOT MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!" Aries yelled a bit to loudly if I do say so myself
"It's a shame really, he made one hell of a drinking buddy" cancer continued not paying attention to what Aries had just said "though I do suppose he's quite the unreliability, you know being an original and quite murderous"
"Says you?!?" Libra stated some true facts
"sAyS yOu" cancer mimicked "go fuck yourself"
"CAN WE CONTINUE WITH THE PLAN?!?" Sagittarius shouted obviously being 1000% done with the whole argument
"Sure thing, tar tar" cancer smiled

I hate this bitch

"Right, we know they are vulnerable due to Aries killing the sister" Leo started I'm surprised he has a brain, who knew, eh?
We then began throwing at ideas and training some more, Virgo has designed these really cool wooden-bullet guns. As we did this we gradually noticed Taurus in the corner not saying a word
"Hey! Taur, you ok?" Capricorn asked stepping towards the boy
"Can you hear the ticking?" He mumbled not looking at anyone
"Taurus, babes, there's no ticking" cancer crouched down beside him
" twelve, the battle will begin at twelve tomorrow and then the deed will be done" he continued, this is starting to freak me out how he had these... episodes? Taurus stood up and turned to Libra
"I can't let you do it, don't do it Libra" he demanded gripping onto her arms for dear life, causing fingerprints " don't. Open. The. Door"
He then fell to the ground as everyone stared at Libra As she began to tremble in shock.

"Perhaps we just lock Libra away so she can slowly desiccate?" Cancer offered causing me to eye roll
"I bet you'd love that" Libra said sarcastically
"Your right, I would" cancer beamed
"Maybe Taurus is just chatting some ludicrous nonsense" Pisces suggested
"I highly doubt it" Sagittarius sighed
How did my life go from worrying about what to wear to school to worrying about the freaken apocalypse?
"Whatever may happen it's our job to protect this earth and its creatures it's our job as the

Short chapter but longer wait..... sorry? My sister has wrote most of it because I've been quite busy and I wanted it updated... just thought you should know..... Now it's finally the moment you have all been waiting for:

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