Ch6. Party time!

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Virgos P.O.V

Another day at school! To see my friends, work, see Capricorn....
but first I got to go to my mothers clothes shop to pick my science book up which I Left their yesterday. A girl who looked my age with short blue hair and ocean eyes walked through the door
" hi can you help me?" She asked
" ummm sure.. what's up?" I began
"Can you point me to the direction of the celestial high"
"Ummm you can come with me! Im Virgo by the way" I shot her a warm smile, she seemed very confused and very excited
"Thank you so much! I'm Pisces!" She squealed jumping up and down, damn she's got a lot of energy

We got to school, after talking to the principal about Pisces and then I went to my morning classes. Finally lunch! I'm starving! I introduced Pisces to Gemini and Libra who seemed to hit it off. All of a sudden Gemini climbed up onto the tables
"LISTEN UP BITCHES!" She yelled, everyone's heads turned in her direction
That was followed by a lot of 'woos' and 'yeahs'. Honestly she's so irresponsible if I wasn't here she'd ... well I don't like to think of it

Sagittarius P.O.V

Tonight was just gonna be a nice quiet time to relax and practice spells .... but no, Libra had to invite me to one of her friends party's! And believe me you can't say no to Libra, she also invited Scorpio, Aries and Aquarius When we got to her front door we had to wait for her friend Gemini because you know she's a vampire
"Great you guys can just go inside I'll wait for me if you want" she moaned
"Nah it's good none of us know anyone else" I replied
"Remind me why I am here?" Aquarius groaned
"Come on aqua! Let's at least try to be normal teenagers!" Aries squealed

Then a boy with blonde hair arrived at the door
"Hey libs" he said
Wtf who does this guy think he is? That's my nickname for her!
"Oh hey Leo!" Libra answered "these are my friends Scorpio, Aries and Aquarius and my best friend Sagittarius"
" hey" he waved "do you want to come in then?"
Libra was now able to walk through the door.

"I'm gonna get a drink for us" I say to her
"Yeah I'm gonna use the bathroom" Scorpio chimed in as Aries and Aquarius went to play beer pong

Gemini P.O.V

Libra approached me and Virgo.
"Hey girls!" She whaled
"Hiyaaaaa" I answer back to her
Then a really hot and I mean smoking hot boy with ginger hair came up to us .
"Hey libs got you a drink" he says not acknowledging me yet then his head turns in my direction
"ORION!?!?" He exclaims
I look at him confused
"Ummm sorry no my name is Gemini, Libras very hot and very single friend" I reply
"What...... so your not Orion" he pushes
"Nope" I say popping the p How strange....
"Libs can I talk to you .... alone please" he half yells half whispers
"Sure....." Libra tells him

Being the naturally curious person that I am I took Virgo by the wrists and followed them up
We heard whispers behind the door
" I'm telling you Libby she looks identical to Orion minus the blue tips of course, that wasn't  a thing  in the 19th century"
19th century wtf my and Virgo look at each other to see if we both heard right
"I still don't know this Orion girl.... wait I think someone's at the door"
Shit! She found out and before we could escape The mysterious hot guy dragged us in the room
"Did you hear that?" He asks in a serious tone
Me and v didn't move a muscle.
Then a boy with blue hair walked in
"Oops this isn't the bathroom... oh hey Libra, Sagittarius" the new guy said and I found out the ginger was called Sagittarius " you guys seen- WAIT WAIT WAIT... ORION!?!"
There it was again, seriously who is this Orion chick!
"Again no, Gemini!" I moaned
"Wait... I never new Orion was a doppelgänger..." he said
"A what?" The four of us all asked at once
"A doppelgänger... a shadow self?.. not ringing and bells?" He questioned we stared at Him blankly " never mind, all you need to know is your blood is extremely valuable for spells, rituals etc"
My and Virgo began to laugh
"Spells? Rituals? Doppelgängers? Very funny prank guys" I laughed
Sagittarius sighed and then out of know where his hands set of fire, I was in complete shock, I couldn't speak or move I just stared
"What.... ar..e you?" I stutter
He sighed again
"Well your a doppelgänger so your part of the supernatural team so I might as well tell you, I'm a warlock, Libras a vampire and that guy over there who's name is Scorpio is a demigod"
He huffed then looked at Virgo " I'm gonna have Libra take you memory, sorry but your human"
My jaw dropped what seemed to be the floor

"Or I could do it" a feminine voice said
"I'm so much stronger"
Scorpio jumped under the bed for some strange reason
She lurked out of the shadows
"Cancer... How did you get in! Who invited you!" Libra bellowed
"Tut tut tut baby sis, teenagers these days! Inviting strangers in there homes how unbelievably...... stupid..." the girl sassed back
"Orion?!?!" Cancer said shocked, looking at me
"Why does everyone keep saying that!" I complained

Scorpio P.O.V

I looked at her she hadn't noticed me yet but I did. I decided I should go out to see her i mean I'm gonna have to someday, right?

Nah. I'll stay here

But that stupid son of a bitch, Sagittarius had to mention me!
"Ummm Scorpio what are you doing?" He grinned
"Scorpio?!?" Cancer urged
"Hey.... cancer..." I quaked
"Wait a minute... YOU TWO NO EACH OTHER!?!?!" Libra asked
Cancer smirked and I rolled my eyes, god damn it! Gosh, I hate that extremely sexy bitch
"Yeah, isn't that right My darling Scorpio, remember when I gave me my daylight ring? Oh that's right! Sagittarius erased your memory!" She Revealed
"WHAT! Why would you do that!" Libra shrieked motioning towards Sagittarius
"We were meant to keep it a secret , cancer!" Moaned Sagittarius
" mistake" cancer lied
Sagittarius looked at Libra
"Look after~" Tari began but Libra cut him off
"Don't even say his name."
"I didn't want you not feel anymore guilty than what you do now"
Honestly I'm surprised they haven't dated yet because I'm rooting for them.
"Ummm we are still here, you know..." not Orion said

Cancer got up and compelled that Virgo girl to forget everything and go enjoy the rest of the party. Then she came up to me grinning like the Cheshire Cat
"We could get out of here, catch up"
"Piss of" I demanded
We all stared at Gemini

"Well Gemini, welcome to the supernatural team" Sagittarius announced

Hoped you liked this chapter, this is the most I have wrote so far


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