Ch17. orions torture pit of truths and dares

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Libras P.O.V

I woke up to a thumping headache and a looked around at my friends... and cancer.. out acting the same way I did
"Wake up, raga muffins!" A certain Gemini-looking female called out confidently
"Orion, you sly little minx" cancer groaned "were the hell are we anyway"
I looked around to see a rather peculiar room it was completely white with no objects or furniture anywhere
"this is a torture pit.. my torture pit, you bunch of unique creatures can only escape by participating in a some truths and dares that must  be answered true fully and actually been done, my objective here is to expose your darkest fears and secrets and to turn you against each other ... oh and if you fail to do so you'll never escape, any questions? No. Good." She smiled
"You crazy bitch" Sagittarius spat
"my dear Sagittarius, oh how I've missed your compassion" she spoke sweetly while stroking his cheek
"Get you freakish hands of my boyfriend!" Gemini yelled while standing up
"Or what? You'll bite me?" Orion laughed
This is one crazy bitch fight.....
"Stop! Can't we just get this over with so we can escape?" Sagittarius said coldly
"Of course! Right this way" Orion chirped and led us into another blank room but this time the we're 11 chairs with our initials on it
"Creepy much" I mumble and take my seat labelled LK.
"Why did I get dragged into this supernatural drama!" Virgo cried

"Right so let's see who shall go first?" Orion smiled sinisterly "let's see, ummmm, ARIES! How about you!"
Aries sighed but nodded
"I'm gonna give you truth, so tell me Aries, ever killed anyone? Maybe someone Aquarius loved?"
"What's she talking about Aries?" Aquarius asked confused
"I... I" Aries stuttered tears forming in her eyes "I killed your girlfriend, it was an accident! I had no control over my powers!"
"YOU DID WHAT!" Aquarius yelled and rubbed his temples "you started the fire!"  Aquarius got up from his chair and leaned against the wall not making any eye contact with Aries who looked at the ground ashamed.
"Ok... cancer! My old friend, I'm gonna give you a dare!" Orion smirked
"Thank you Orion, I would just LOVE for you to give me a dare" cancer said bitterly
"My witchy friend needs Keene blood, I want you to stay here as a prisoner" Orion said triumphantly
"What! Why me?!? Take Libra instead!" Cancer whined
"Thank you very much dear sister" I spat, that's outrageous offering me up like meat
"No, ophiuchus doesn't want any of her blood shed" Orion answered
"Aw, at least you know he still cares" cancer smiled
"Ha, funny" I say sarcastically but I can't help but think about what she said, does he still care? What am I saying of course he doesn't or why would he of sleep with cancer or killed my parents? He's a self-centred pig
Then magical chains appeared on cancers wrists and ankles
"Kinky" cancer muttered

"So Virgo I dare you to slap Gemini" Orion said gleefully
"That's it?" Virgo stated in bewilderment
"Because it will bring me a  perverse amount of joy" Orion explained  I had no idea how much Orion truly hates Gemini. Virgo got up from her seat and slapped Gemini across the face real hard, Orion and Leo started laughing so  I shot him a look which he responded by immediately stopping and then whistling while looking around the room.
"That makes me feel better! You know what else will, Sagittarius! I dare you to kiss me!" Orion smiled, she did not just go there... I guess she still carries a toarch for the guy.......
"Go to hell orion" Sagittarius hissed
"Oh, my dear Sagittarius, where do you think I came from?" She smirked wickedly
"I'm gonna have to do this, don't I?" He sighed
"Hey, it's not like you haven't done any of it before" cancer sneered
"Real reassuring, thanks cancer" he said dryly
My seat was next to Gemini's so I placed my hand over her eyes. I watched as Sagittarius placed his lips onto Orions then he kissed her, it was a short kiss but from where I was sitting it didn't look completely emotionless, poor Gemini Orions abusing her.
"Ah, now Capricorn I dare you to bite Leo" Orion smiled
"What! But that will turn him into a werewolf.." Capricorn stuttered as Leo gave a horrified look, god he can't become a werewolf! "I can't turn at will and it's not a full moon"
"Here, this is a moonlight ring, it will allow your teeth to come through" Orion assured him
He hesitantly slipped it onto his finger and his eyes turned yellow and he groaned as his teeth came through, then he bit Leo right on the neck and fed him his blood, Leo winced in pain and I had to look away I couldn't see him in pain. Leo's eyes quickly turned yellow and his fangs and claws came out before disappearing.

"Now that's done with, Scorpio! Care to tell the truth of what happened that day in 1872" Orion asked
"Orion, please" Scorpio began
"No, no I'd quite like to know what happened" cancer argued, to be honest I'm just as curious
"Me and Scorpio kissed!" Orion smiled clapping her hands together happily
"Is this true?" Cancer asked and Scorpio nodded, me and Sagittarius gasped "god Scorpio! You are such a hypocrite!" Stormed over into the far off corner, I can't  believe he would do this.
"Now, Gemini you trashy bitch, I dare you to stay away from Sagittarius... forever" she stated god she's obsessed with him, she's lost the plot!
"Yeah I'm not gonna do that and it's rather impossible" Gemini argues
"No I'll ask my witch to put a boundary spell on both of you for when you leave" Orion giggled

"Ok so who do we have left? Leo, Libra, Pisces and Aquarius.... I think I'll do Pisces" she decided "Pisces would you be so kind to tell the truth about your true nature"
"Mermaids are natural hunters, sometimes when I see you guys a have the urge to kill you" Pisces admitted "but I never will, your my friends!"  Remind me to never get on her bad side.
"Next up is Leo- oh he's passed out, well I mean he did just get turned into a werewolf, he'll be fine... Later" Orion said "Aqua , tell them the truth about what you are"
"I'm not doing this with you, Orion" he spoke harshly, they speak as if they are familiars
"Aquarius is a vampire" she smiled
"What! No, no, no you can't be! I've seen your father and seen you eat human food! Oh and you don't have any daylight jewellery" Aries denied and Aquarius lifted up a small string and a lapis lazuli on it up from his shirt "I compelled that guard to pretend he was my father and because I drink human blood normal food tastes the same, I've been stealing blood bags from the hospital since I got here" He confessed
"Aquarius never liked being a vampire so he tried being human which is rather stupid if you ask me" Orion said
"Good thing no one asked you then, isn't it" Aquarius replied
"You to have met?" I ask out of curiosity
"Oh yes, isn't that right dear cousin" Orion revealed
Holy shit! There related!
" but that means your a~" I began
"And original" he sighed
"And that your also~" cancer continued
"Ophiuchus' brother" he finished
"Why have you not told us! Your one of the most powerful!" I exclaimed
"Well it's not something I'm particularly proud of" he admitted

This just leaves me....
"Libra it's your turn!" Orion smirked "LUCINDA!!!! Bring it in!"
Orion's slave brought in a cup full of blood, oh no.... I felt the veins under my eyes come through but I blinked them away
"Thank you Lucinda, Libra I want you to drink this lovely cup of human blood" Orion giggled
"It only has to be a drop.... unless you want more"
"Woah, woah, woah, do you wanna start world war three?" Cancer argued and got up
"She has to or else you'll be stuck" Orion reminded "would you rather I ask her to turn her humanity off?"
"God no" cancer yelled but still tried to get the blood away from me along with Sagittarius and Scorpio
I took a deep breath and picked up the cup - I was shaking I placed it onto my lips and took a quick sip then placed it down. Cancer let out a sigh of relief but I couldn't stop staring at the cup, how it made me feel! A glanced at Orion who had a gig grin on her face and I quickly picked up the cup and chugged it down, it was a wonderful feeling like a gust of power swam through me but as I feared I needed more. Unfortunately the maid was still there by the door and she was human so I sped over to her and plunged my teeth into her neck drinking her delicious blood, I felt cancer try to pry me off her but I pushed her into the wall. Then Aquarius wrapped his arms around me away pulled me away from her, he was much stronger than me but it was to late her head rolled of her body and I watched in horror I started to sob but I needed more! I tried to go at Virgo until I was injected with vervain by Orion, then I passed out.

Told you it will be quick! And this is the longest I've ever done!


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