Ch41. The battle pt1

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Virgos P.O.V

The war is almost upon us and I felt extremely anxious, I glanced at the clock which read 11:30. We all climbed into our assigned cars but before I could Capricorn stopped me so we were the only ones left in the house
"Right ummm how do I say this?" Capricorn began "we could die"
My eyes widened but I was more intrigued on what he was saying
"I just want you to know that~" I cut him off by pressing my lips against his passionately before we finally pull apart
"That works too" he blushed adorably
"C'mon" I said grabbing his hand and leading him into the car.

Cancer P.O.V

We we're driving to ophiuchus Mansion when we heard a Big Bang and we all scrambled out the car. The noise lead to a huge dusty field in the middle of know where and there stood ophiuchus, his brothers castor and Pollux and his army but surprisingly no Orion
"Glad you could make it" he grinned
"Where are your other two siblings?" Aries asked
"Are you talking about the one who you killed and the one you stole or the ones back home?" He spat "I daggered them both for there own good"
Yeah right, the dick is a two faced liar.
It was a bit intimidating due to there was hundreds of them and eleven of us but I still think we have a fighting chance against them.
"Well then, shall we?" Ophiuchus smiled and his army began throwing themselves at us, there were vampires, witches and werewolves, powerful creatures but we have more... variety.

I began by ripping a werewolf's head off then ripping out a vampire heart before being enveloped in a ring of fire so there was only me and ophiuchus.
"Why are you doing this?" I pleaded as he took a step towards me
"I know this makes me out the bad guy but if it saves my family then so be it" he replied... sadly?
"I don't understand" I admitted
"Of course you don't because she didn't want you to" he answered then frowned
"Who?" I questioned
"My mother of course!" He yelled in frustration
"What does she have over you?" I asked stepping closer to him
"She's cursed Orion, she'll die if I don't help her" he revealed
"And why do she want to do this?" I continued
"She wants to rid half of the population, thinks the human race has fallen, wants to change it" he explained further
"Why isn't she doing this herself?"
"Because she's trapped in limbo" he sighed "you wanted to know why we took your blood? It's because Keene blood summons it and only a Keene can open the door"
"What colour is the door?" I was trembling now
"Red" he told me

The fire-wall fell so we could see the battle taking place. I scanned the whole field using my vampire abilities but there was no sign of my little sister anywhere.

Short chapter. Hope you enjoyed this part! Only two chapters left!!! 😱😱😱
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