Ch3. Escape from fira

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Aries P.O.V

You may think being I princess is all fun and games but it is far from it! I never get to do anything by self and the only friends I have are the maids! Well... there's Aquarius, one of the palace knights and he's the generals son to.

You don't understand how much I want to be "free" I have even read about a place called earth witch seems rather pleasant.

" your highness," one of my maids, Lucinda called out "the king and queen request your presence"
I gracefully nodded and gave her permission to leave , well duty calls.

"Aries, sweetie" my mother said softly
"Whats up mom," I stated
"Well firstly never use that language," my father yelled "secondly, your going to marry the prince of ingria"

My face dropped I could feel the tears in my eyes but I didn't care and then my sadness turned to anger real quick
"WHAT! That is so un~"
"DON'T raise your tone at me, young lady! And you are marrying him!" My father demanded

I glanced of at Aquarius who gave me a sympathetic smile before storming of to my room and jumped onto my silk , king-sized bed and wept into my pillow
HOW DARE THEY! How do they have the nerve to decide my future and who I can and can't love!
I can't take this anymore, that was the last straw! Tonight I'm gonna plan my great escape.

That night I grabbed my black cloak and slipped out my bedroom, luckily I recently found a secret exit probably for fires or something but how hard can this be, right?
"We're do you think your going?" I heard someone say
Shit! I know that voice
"Aquarius, how funny to see you here I just got .. ummm.. got lost..." I lied
"Cut the crap  ari , I know your trying to escape" he confirmed
He knows me to I have to use my strength
"Please, please, please don't tell my parents and allow me to go!" I begged with my signature puppy dog eyes
"Ugh alright fine you can go" yes!
"But I have to come" no!
Then the tables turned and he was the one who gave me the puppy dog eyes
"Ok then! But your buying my dinner when we get there." I compromised
"Done!" he agreed "we gonna go on so many adventures! And try loads of new things!"

We chatted all the way to our destination, I plan to go to earth because it's far from here a different planet to be exact so we have to visit someone who can get us there

We arrived in the realm of the gods, we weren't really meant to be here but it's the only way

I saw a boy who looked my age, he was tall, had light blue hair and extremely light brown eyes.
Then he pushed me and aqua against the walls so no one can see us
"What are you doing here," he whispered angrily
Then he took us to a room no one could find us in or so I thought....

"So... what is the princess and knight of fira doing all the way up here?" He questioned us both.
I was stunned about him knowing us which made me question, what else did he know?
"How do yo~" Aquarius began
" my dear little Aquarius, you stupid, stupid block head, I see everything... well not everything because that would be a bit creepy..." he said
I still didn't even know his name yet :/ ...

"Well I want to go to earth... immediately!" I stated getting back on topic but before he could reply, someone who appeared to be the king of the gods and two guards approached us
"Shit..." I heard the mysterious god say under his breath
"Prince?" Aquarius mumbled, Well at least we know his name now....
" listen father I'm well... got to go!" Scorpio blurted and started to run taking both me and aqua with him.

They were following, us it was a close call to!
" YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!" Scorpio shouted over his shoulder
He then shoved us into a room and locked the door
"Right so we have approximately 2 minutes till those assholes realise we're here," exclaimed Scorpio panting "so just get in the portal!"

I cautiously jumped in and everything was a bit of a blare from there until I slammed onto the floor faced down. This is it, this is earth! And I'll say it's even better than I thought! Then I remember about the different countries and towns

"Where are we on earth?" I asked Scorpio politely
" we are in the small town celestford" he replied and I could immediately tell something was up with him
"And why are we here, there is clearly something going on" I  hinted
He signed but then finally decided to speak up
" I have been here before" explained Scorpio
"Why did you leave?" Aquarius asked curiously
"I met a girl, I fell in love, we dated for a couple of years and then she broke my heart" Scorpio added sadly and I did feel sorry for him but what I was really wondering is how old is he?!?

"Well we are here.." Scorpio said
"And where is that exactly?" I began

"My good friend, Sagittarius's house..." he declared

Hope you enjoyed this part, I'll try to update soon! :D


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