Ch33. Cassopiea

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No ones P.O.V

Ophiuchus picked Aquarius' phone of his body that was now in a coffin in the basement and rung Sagittarius' number
"What is it?" Sagittarius asked
"Hello Old friend " ophiuchus grinned as he heard a small gasp from Sagittarius
"Where's Aquarius?" He asked confused
"0h, I killed him" ophiuchus said straight forwardly
"You what!" Sagittarius yelled
"Don't worry, he's not actually dead, think of it as a long nap" ophiuchus explained "he crossed me by conspiring with you so how long do you think I should give him? I think a hundred years should suffice" And then hung up on him.
He looked down at Aquarius, he felt no pity, he deserved it he thought
"You brother" ophiuchus began "are the biggest pain in the arse I have ever met"
He then turned to his sister Cassiopeia and pulled the dagger out of her chest, he grabbed a bloody bag and placed it on her for when she wakes up.

After 5 minutes and still no sign of Cassie, ophiuchus found himself writing in a journal and his elder brother reading. Out of nowhere ophiuchus feels a stake go in the back of his neck and groans in pain
"YOU DAGGERED ME" Cassiopeia yelled "what year is this?"
"You were daggered for about 200 years, my dear sister" castor explained
She kicks the chair in annoyance and twisted the stake in ophiuchus neck around as he winced in pain then pulling it out and throwing it on the floor
"Cassie!" Orion exclaimed trying to embrace her but Cassiopeia got her by the wrists and flung her across the room
"Bitch" Orion whined stumbling back up
"You did nothing! You just watched him and didn't bother to find me!" She shouted
And then Cassie had a huge cat fight against Orion and ophiuchus while castor sat there sighing and continuing to read.

When the fighting stopped Cassie jumped into a seat in frustration
"So where are the others?" She asked
"All daggered, Cepheus for 1000 years, And Pollux and Aquarius have had on and off daggering" ophiuchus explained
"So why now have you set me free?" She questioned
"I plan to conquer the entire supernatural world including those dumb humans and I want my family to do it with me" he revealed
"Wow" she commented "how stupid are you? Why do you want to take over the world?"
"That information is classified" he replied "i vital piece of my plan is missing! A stupid teenage boy!"
"Ok...." she said as they walked down the hallway

After getting a shower and changing in clothes from this decade, she decided to go see what the modern day world was like~ despite her brothers wishes. She made her way to a bar to have a drink and to think wether or not to leave her brothers and cousin but then she thought about her brothers in the box and how she wouldn't leave but set them free.
"Bad night?" A male voice asked from where she was sitting
"Yep drowning my sorrows" she sighed talking a big gulp
"Wanna talk about it?" He offered
"I don't know you" she laughed as he sat beside her
"Hey, you won't remember any of this tomorrow, anyway we're not strangers anymore, I'm Scorpio and you are?" He grinned
"I'm Cassie" she answered "and I have a choice to make, I can either stay and help the people who wronged me or leave and not be able to protect the ones he has, how about you why are you here?"
"I'm looking for some but she doesn't seem to be here" he replied "nice meeting you" then he left to go home to some life changing news.

Scorpio's P.O.V

As I left from the bar without having a chance to talk to cancer, I wondered why Sagittarius wanted me? Meh, Capricorn probably got his head stuck in a bucket again~ don't ask.
I opened the door ready for whatever life throws at us and Sagittarius is the with a mixed expression on his face, he walks me down the the 'headquarters' where I find the rest of them sitting down
"I have some very important news, I know how to kill an original...."

This chapter may be boring BUT the next chapter has a lot of fighting in it so just hold on and the question of the day issssssss, drum roll please.....

How do you kill an original?!?!?

Thank you all for voting and commenting and reading because when you do it makes my day in this terrible time, also if you like to know more about some characters go read my other book!


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