Ch10. The dance

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Taurus P.O.V

Ugh, Gemini has been bugging me all day about some stupid dance... do we even need one!?!? Girls dressing up in fancy dresses waiting for there crush to ask them to dance and the guys breaking there hearts, it's all ........ pointless...
I went into the library looking for Virgo, Capricorn wanted me to find out if she was going with someone, pathetic I know. Then I saw her reading a book
"Hey Virgo" I say while sitting down on the floor beside her
"Oh, hey Taurus" she replied looking up from her book to see me " what's up?"
"Well I was gonna lie but now again, I don't care... so Capricorn has like a massive crush on you and wants to know if you have a date for that lame ass dance" I blurted out
She blushed and I smirked, then I realised Capricorn's gonna kill me....

"YOU TOLD HER WHAT!?!?!" Capricorn yelled
"Dude chill, you got your answer" I say calmly "she doesn't have a date"
" but now she knows!" He moaned
"Hey guys" Leo greeted coming up to us "woah, Capricorn why so angry?"
"Taurus told Virgo I like her!" He sulked
Leo let out a laugh
" it's not funny! How would you like it if I tell
Libra!" He threatened
" tell me what?" Libra came from behind them, were in deep shit now
"Ummm that ummm Taurus copied your ..... history homework" Leo blubbered
"Yeah... wait what?" I began
"Ok?..." she said sweetly " anyway me and gem wanted some help with the dance"
" yeah, me, Leo and cap would nev~" I started but then cut off by Leo's " yeah we'll do it!" It was like he was in some sort of trance, gazing at her with desire, dragging me and cap down with him
" I'm not doing that" stated but all that got was an elbow in the stomach by Leo " yeah, sure we'll do it"
Great.. just great! Not only am I stuck doing this stupid party planning, I have to do it with Leo making goo-goo eyes at Libra and Gemini's and Capricorn's constant bickering!

"Taurus, stop, they don't go there!" Gemini shrieked
"Gemini, no, who cares" I replied
She rolled her eyes and stormed off
"Do you need any help?" A sweet voice called out, I looked down to see Pisces smiling up at me
"Ummm sure" I answered
She climbed up the other ladder so she was at level with me
"Right, lift it up a bit higher" she said "there we go"
"Thanks for that" I added
I climbed down the ladder then helped her down.

Capricorn's P.O.V

"No, you listen to me Gemini" I demanded "green is a much better colour than blue!"
"Don't be ridiculous! The banners have to be blue!" Gemini argued
"Can you guys like not argue for 2 minutes?" Virgo moaned
We both turned to her and said "no" together at the same time
We continue to argue but then something terrible happened that could blow  our cover
Gemini fell back knocking the ladder which just so happened to knock down Libra drawing blood on her cheek, but her being hurt is the least of my concern...

"Oh my god! Are you ok?!?!" Virgo asked with worry
"I'm fine" Libra said standing up while covering her face
"No your not, I saw blood" Leo added
"Nope look, I'm fine" she replied
I smelt blood. Vampire blood to be exact, I looked at Libra and motioned towards her hand. She hid it and mouthed a thank you, I simply nodded.
At least we got all the decorating done...  and I'm going with Virgo!

Gemini P.O.V

I scurried into Libras room jumping on her bed
"Dance time!" I exclaimed
"Huh" she answered
"We have to get ready for the dance!" I explain
"We're actually going?"
"Of course!"
"But what if something bad happens"
"Please, nothing bad ever happens here"

I pulled out two dresses from behind me
" I got you a dress!" I squealed

Libra's dress:

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