Ch24. Deranged maniac

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Aquarius P.O.V

"Brother?!?! How many do you have?!??" Cancer exclaimed with shock
"No time" I said "we have to save Leo and lock up Libra" then i picked up Leo and Libra both other one of my shoulders followed by placing them into the car.
"Why are you here castor?" I asked him
"Oh Aquarius, can't I just help my younger brother? What is it with you always questioning my actions" he sighed
I admit, castor is probably my favourite siblings BUT that doesn't mean I like him, it just means I don't hate him as Much as the others
"Where's Pollux?" I questioned him
"My dear twin brother has been captured by our psychotic brother because he disagreed with him" he replied
"Sounds like ophiuchus" cancer commented " oh, I'm cancer~"
"Keene, I know, pleasure to meet you" castor smiled as he kissed her hand
"Oh, I like you" cancer giggled
Great! Already hitting on my... friend? Ally? Cancer! He's hitting on my cancer! That dick.
We finally got into the car and started to drive to the hotel
"When was the last time you fed straight from the vein, little brother?" Castor started
"I made a fresh start when I went to Fira" I explained
"Good, you were a deranged maniac" castor laughed
Yes, I was a little violently crazy back then but it's all good now I'm completely in control.
"Ooooo, do tell, Aquarius' hot brother, do tell" cancer smirked
"Shut up, cancer" I moaned "I wasn't that bad!"
"Oh yeah, you drained 5,738 people in the Sydney opera house because you were bored" castor recalled while cancer just looked a mixture of shocked and confused
"Ummm, no?!? I never did that" I lied again I'm not proud of those days
"Huh, how strange, what about when you and ophiuchus had a bet to see who could kill the most people in an a hour" castor continued
"No?!" I argued
"Did you win?" Cancer asked
"By round about a five hundred more" I said regretfully
"Jeez aquapants" cancer huffed
"He also had a habit of setting things on fire" castor mentioned "he started the great fire of London and compelled the baker to take the blame" castor admitted
"Hey! You have no proof that was me!" I said defensively
Ok, it was me BUT I'm a changed man now and my priorities are to help Leo and Libra!

We got out the car and rushed over to Sagittarius room.
"Oh my god!" Aries came rushed over leaving the book she was reading behind "what happened?"
"Libra bit him! She's a lunatic!" I told them
"Apparently not the only one" cancer laughed which made me whack her on the arm
"Ow!" She moaned
Aries just looked curious and confused
My brother came into the room with Libra in his arms
"Here she is!" He exclaimed
"Who are you?" Capricorn asked
"I'm castor, the eldest original so don't try anything because I'm the oldest creature in the world" he said smugly
"Cassie's older!" I exploited laughing "and draco's eldest!"
"Draco's dead! And your a real dick, you know that" he argued
He's ruining my focus! All my family ever do is bring me down!
"Right anyway, castor, Aries and Capricorn go lock up Libra and we'll fix Leo" Sagittarius ordered

Once they left me, cancer, Sagittarius and Scorpio gathered around Leo~ Taurus went to call the others who went out to get food. Sagittarius was flickering through spell books trying to find out how to safe Leo, it isn't natural for werewolf's to turn but there's always a loop hole! Suddenly, leo woke up spewing out a large amount of blood.
"Aha!" Sagittarius exclaimed " all we need is.. doppelgänger blood mixed with original blood"
"Fine, we have aqua and we have Gemini, let's get to it!" Cancer said
"It's not that simple, I've studied this magic" I responded " Libra isn't from my sire line, we need her sire's blood so in this case~"
"Ophiuchus" Scorpio finished
"Oh well, we tried" cancer began and tried to walk away before Scorpio dragged her back.
"We're not gonna let him die- wait did you say you studied this magic?" Sagittarius asked
"Yeah, I was a witch before a vampire" I answered
I do miss being a witch to be honest, so much cooler than a vampire.
"I'll call Gemini" Sagittarius said then walked of to do so
"Right, Leo probably has 48 hours to live before dying a drastically painful death so me, you two and castor will go back to celestford and demand his blood" I announced
"Why can't everyone go?" Cancer asked
"Because Leo is too weak to move" I explained
"I mean, we could just let him die" cancer asked then got another whack this time from Scorpio
"Ow! I was kidding" she claimed but that didn't mean I believed her
"Let's get going then" Scorpio sighed
Fantastic, we're gonna have to face by deeply disturbed older brother.

That was a quick update! Your welcome 😌😂
In case you were wondering this is the original order

Draco ( deceased) Cepheus
Cassiopeia Orion
Castor and Pollux

Cepheus is older than ophiuchus but younger the castor and Pollux, Orion is the youngest.

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