Ch22. Airplane troubles

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Aries P.O.V

We're going on holiday! I've never been on holiday before! I'm so excited!
"We're going on holiday!!!!" I squealed as I packed with Gemini
"I know!!!" She squealed back then her face fell "I can't be near Sagittarius though... I really miss him"
"Hey, you'll get through this" I comforted
After we finished packing we got in the car and headed to the airport

On the airplane
- - - - - - - -
Sagittarius Aries Aquarius

Scorpio cancer Taurus

Pisces Gemini Virgo

Capricorn Leo
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Leo's P.O.V

"Dude, we could go to Disney land" Capricorn says gleefully
"Isn't that in Florida?" I ask
"There like the same" he claimed
"YO! SAGITTARIUS! WE GOING DISNEYLAND!?!?!" I yell at him through all the rows of seats, the flight attendants didn't look to pleased but screw them
"NO." Sagittarius answered coldly
"I don't think he like you very much" Capricorn admitted
"Pfttttt, what are you talking about, he LOVES me" I assured myself

Aquarius P.O.V

"No, no, no, cookies are better than cake" Aries argued
"What?!?! Cake is the clear better option" Sagittarius pointed out
"Can you guys like shut up? I'm trying to read" I complain
Why am I sitting next to these too?!?! God, give me strength- for as long as I've lived I have never met a more annoying group of people.
"Aquarius, what do you think is better cake or cookies ?" Asked Aries
"Silence" I muttered to her
"But..but.. that wasn't an option" she sulked
This is gonna be a long trip...*sigh*

Virgos P.O.V

Pisces fell asleep straight away and Gemini was doodling
"You exited for this trip?" I ask her
"Yeah! We're gonna eat so many great things and try so many great clothes on- all my followers will be so jelly" she smiles "you wanna watch a movie?"
"Oooo yeah" I reply and pop the other one of her AirPods in my ear

Taurus's P.O.V

I hate airplanes. I hate them so much. I was poking at my food, ugh, I hate airplane food!
Scorpio was listening to music and cancer was.. bothering him.
"Darling? What you listening too?" She interrogated. She got no response
"Darling!" She yelled at him then pulling his earphones out
"Nothing anymore since you pulled them out" he answered
"I brought a bag of mini pretzels, want some" cancer asked him
"Thanks" He said genuinely shocked, I was too, I mean, have you met cancer?
"Can I have some?" I smiled
"No" she answered shortly
"Wow cancer, I thought we were friends" I said, raising my hand to my heart
They began talking about something,  I don't even know
"Wow, I had no idea I was gonna be third wheeling" I muttered to myself
A flight attendant walked passed me
"Hey!" I called out to her
"Can I help you?" She says bitterly, jeez what's got her so grumpy
"I would like a Diet Coke and a giant bar of chocolate" I ordered
"We aren't selling food at the moment" she replied
"And why the hell not?" I asked, this is outrageous!
"Because, it isn't time yet" she moans
"I don't care I want some food!" I argued
"Listen you little twit, there's. No. Food" she said while clapping her hands at the last part
"You know what, bitch, you should just be fired!" I yell at her causing everyone's waters to boil, the lights to flash and the plane to shake
"Taurus, chill the hell down" cancer said concerned
"I am chill, I'm perfectly fine!" I argue as the glass I was holding shattered into a million pieces
"Come on you too" cancer began standing up "let's go to first class"
She grabs up both by the wrists and drags our asses to first class which I might add, was a good call, a very good call indeed.
This is gonna be one hell of a trip........

Hope you like it! What do you prefer cake or cookies? I'm saying cake, there's way more kinds


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