Ch19. The hunger

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One week earlier

Libra's P.O.V

I woke up on the basement floor having the urge to feed but I was still weak from the vervain
"Tari?!?!" I groggily yelled
He came stomping down the stairs with Scorpio trailing behind him
"Hey, how you feeling?" Sagittarius asked sympathetically
"Shitty" I moaned
"That's kinda the whole point" Scorpio laughed
"I'm fine, honestly, there's no need to worry" I assured them "just a moment of weakness"
They didn't seem to convinced but allowed me to go upstairs
"I'm gonna wait down here, I can't be near Gemini" he smiles sadly and I felt so sorry for him.

"Libra!" Gemini came up to me giving be a hug but all I could think about was the sound of pulse, nevertheless, I held it in
"I'm fine truly" I lied
"Ok then, who wants breakfast" Aquarius offered
"Oh I'm sorry, I don't much like blood" Aries spat and stormed up the stairs
Aquarius chases after her but stopped at the bottom of them
"ARIES!" He called after her then turned to us "how can she be angry at me?!? She killed my girlfriend!"
"Well I mean, you are the youngest brother of the crazy-ass original vampire family" I argued
"Thanks for the support, Libra" he huffed the slumped into the seat
"I'm gonna get some watermelon!" Gemini smiled and started to cut it but of course she cut herself! I couldn't keep it in I felt my fangs come through and my eyes change as I charged at her but luckily, Aquarius was way way faster than me, pushed me away
"Oh my god" I sobbed "I could of hurt you"
"No, it's ok~" she began but I sped away before she could finish her optimistic speech.

I decided I needed to go to a no-people zone so I went to the lake and sat there alone
"Hello, my dear" I familiar voice said from behind me
"Ophiuchus" I gritted through my teeth and he gave one of his famous half-grin "what do you want"
He walks towards me smiling "I heard your feeding on humans again, we could feed together" he smirks
God I hate him.
"That's none of your business and never" I say emotionless and started to walk of but he vamp speeds in front of me and puts his hand on my cheek and leans towards my ear
"I won't be so rude if I were you" he whispers into it "don't want one of your friends losing the heads, now do we?"  I didn't dare move until he was done
"You know what?" He smiles "you could lose that link to your human side"
He looks deep into my eyes "Turn it off" he says

One day later

Sagittarius P.O.V

"Has anyone seen her!" I yelled while banging my fist onto the table "the one time I need cancer! When are we getting her back to"
"I've seen body's stacked up, heads missing" Aquarius said
"Yep, that's Libra" Scorpio sighed "where's Capricorn and Leo?"
"Full moon" I replied
"Ah" he said then got the carten of orange juice out of the fridge
"Capricorn and Leo are turning, cancer and Gemini can't be here and Aries can't stand to look at Aquarius" I say and Scorpio sneered  at the last part while aqua gave him a whack on the back of the head "so it's just us"
"And me" that Virgo girl interrupted
"No offence but your a human so I don't really see what you can do"
"Well while you were other here wallowing in self-pity I actually found out we're Libra is but I'm just a useless human girl, right?" She sassed. Ok I give her points for that one.

Virgo stayed  at the house just in case someone comes and me, Scorpio and Aquarius get into my car. We arrived at a bar and head in, I look around in disgust, there were dead bodies everywhere and a dancing Libra on top of the counter
"Oh! Can I offer you a drink, boys?" She giggles
"Libra, are you ok?" I ask
"Aw Tari, you've always been a stick in the mud, can't you see that I'm better this way?" She sulks
"No your not" Aquarius argued " I've been in your situation before"
"Ugh, does it look like I care about you tragic backstory?" She moans and takes a sip of her bottle of  Prosecco "bye-bye bitches" and with that she vamp-speeded out of here.

We're in deep shit now......

Sorry about the wait! I know it's short!


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