Ch15. Quite a week

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Scorpios P.O.V

It's been 2 weeks since Sagittarius had the vision and he hasn't had one since, we've been trying to find out ophiuchus' next move against us but it's no luck ophiuchus was always 10 steps ahead of us. I new I should of killed him! He's probably building a vampire-army at this second!
I feel like this is my fault, that I am to blame.
I decided to patrol the area or something this is my responsibility to fix.
"Right, I'm going out" I say to the group
"I'm coming" Sagittarius states " and Aries is coming to"
"I am?" Aries comments muffled through the sandwich which she was eating
"Whatever" I answer a bit annoyed
We hop in the car I was driving, Sagittarius in the passenger seat and Aries in the back.

"So we're are we actually going?" Aries questions me
"We're just look for anything strange" I assure her
"Oh, an afternoon of boredom... how wonderful" she replies


Taurus P.O.V

I was going to meet Pisces and Capricorn, Virgo would meet us later. Honestly, I think it's quite strange that they live together... I'll look into that.
"Hey taur" Pisces says snapping me out of my thoughts
"Hey pie, hey cap" I answer to her
"Oooo were should we go!" Capricorn buts in
Pisces was about to answer but then we hear a rusting sound on top of the roof
"Do you hear that?" I ask
"Taurus you have to get out of here, it's not safe" Capricorn demands, what the bloody hell is going on? What does they  know?
"What's are you talking about?!?!?" I yelled
A bunch of people... well I think there people.. jump of  the onto the floor from the buildings and such. Then a man comes out, he had shaggy brown hair and green eyes
"Hello dearies!" He says sickeningly
"Your... your.." Pisces shakes and I still don't have a bloody clue what's going on
"Yes, yes I'm ophiuchus... surprised?" He laughed a sinister laugh
"What do you want from us?" Pleaded Capricorn
"Don't flatter yourself, I want nothing from you or the fish.... but him.. I want" the guy who supposedly called ophiuchus grinned. What the bloody hell does he won't from me?!?!
"Why do you want Taurus?" Capricorn said as if he had read my mind
"Oh shut up Wolfe, you've what, known him for years and still haven't sensed the power radiating of him? I thought being a wolf you would be able to.. nevertheless you seem a bit dense" he spoke confidently
I let out a laugh "very funny guys" I joke
Ophiuchus turned towards me
"Ah, my weapon speaks!" He smiled then jerked towards his army "get him, oh and kill the wolf and the mermaid"
Before I new it I was being grabbed by swarms of inhuman creatures. Then they were hurting my friends and I felt a bolt of anger building up in me and a blast of energy shot out of me causing everyone around me slowly disintegrate and set on fire. Pisces and Capricorn stared at me confused, I felt my feet gradually come of the ground and my eyes glow bright and then I fell to the ground in a pitchy blackness and felt them take me away not knowing where my friends went.


Gemini's P.O.V

I was in my bedroom and the computer studying for my maths exam (ugh), when Libra walked into my bedroom
"Hey gem, the others have gone out and I was thinking about getting some coffee, want one?" She asks me
"Sure thing" I smiled then she walked out and went to go get me some coffee!
I decided to screw maths and watch a movie in the cinema room, it was so quiet without Everyone in the house. I decided I wanted to drizzle hot melted chocolate on my popcorn like you do. When I felt an icy cold hand around my neck. I stared in shock and disbelief in who I saw in front of me. I hadn't met her before but I knew that face too well, it was a perfect mirror image of myself minor the blue in my hair
"Orion..." I spat
"Smart girl, makes my want to kill you  slower and more painful" she says while gritting her teeth and tighting her hands around my throat
"Why do you want to kill me? I have done nothing to you" I stuttered trying to breath
"You really don't know?" She mocked "you took everything from me! My boyfriend, my best friend, my whole life is now yours! And the saddest part is your nothing more than a worthless bitch!"  She pounded my head against the wall, then the door swung open
"Oh my god! What's going on!" Libra yelled "Orion?"
"Hello Libby, miss me?" Orion asks
"How is this possible? You died in 1872" Libra questions genuinely confused, Orion laughed
"You really think a bloody stake can kill me? I'm an original! Show a little respect!" She shouted and then took of using her vamp-speed allowing me to breath, Libra ran over to me
"Are you alright?" She asks and I nod my head, it's been quite a week.

Lots of things happen in this chapter! And a quick update... your welcome.


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