Ch27. Welcome to the darkside, brother

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Aquarius P.O.V

It's been exactly 5 hours since cancer and Scorpio left to save Leo and now I'm stuck with my annoying ass family. I was minding my own business reading a book when castor and ophi came in arguing.
"Where is Pollux?!?" Yelled castor
"Here we go again" I sighed flicking my page
"Why do you care so much? You hated him, it's not like there's no love lost" argued ophiuchus
"How can you say that? grow up" castor spat
"Oh, still bossing us around I see, aqua back me up on this" ophi bickered
"No, no, no don't bring me into this" I answered
"What happened to you? You used to be so much more fun" ophiuchus asked me
"I've changed" I answered
"No one can change that much" he stated "trust me, little brother, when you drink from a mortal you'll be back to your old ways"
I just rolled my eyes and shook it off but sometimes I do think what will happen if I do, I can control the blood lust but it changes me so much that I never cared to do so.
"Anyway ophi, why are we actually here?" I questioned him
"That's for me to know and you to.... never find out" he shot back
He must need us for something more than company or is he really that pathetic? My brother has been know to surprise me. At that moment Orion came strutting down the stairs like she owned the whole world
"What the bloody hell's going on here?!?" She asked
"Castor is acting like my father and Aquarius keeps denying who he really is" ophiuchus explained
"Alright I'm out of here" I blurted and vamp-speeded up to my room

Around 11 I went to bed but Try as I might I could not get to sleep, my throat was incredibly dry and it I couldn't stand the irrigation. At 3am I couldn't take it anymore so I went to grab a blood bag from the fridge and once I got it I drank it rapidly to the very last drop but it didn't clench my thirst at all. So I decided to go for a walk to clear my head and possibly grab a coffee or two... or let's be real a hundred, boy I love coffee..... anyway! As I said I went for a midnight stroll but the feeling wouldn't go I needed something stronger, I needed something more.

Our blood supply was pretty low so I thought that it would be a smart idea to go get some more but the thing is, I don't know where the hospital is, I saw a young woman with honey coloured hair and dark skin walk past and I decided to approach her.
"Excuse me" I said "could you tell me where the closest hospital is, I have family there"
I think she started to answer but I couldn't be sure because all I could hear and think about was her blood pumping around her body, the sound of her pulse rate and her heart beating. I felt a tingly sensation in my canines that would drive you mad and the ache of my jaw that agonised to Rip out her throat. That's when I lost it. I couldn't fight it anymore, I didn't want to fight it anymore so I let the beast that I so tried to get rid of out- I thrusted my teeth into her neck, draining the life out of her until she dropped dead on the floor, blood dripped from my chin but I didn't care, my eyes were fully changed and I couldn't stop now. I caught sight of a group of four friends who were staring at me in horror and I lunged towards them, extracting all of their sweet, heavy blood. The forth girl almost got away but I easily stopped her by speeding ahead then submerging my fangs into her throat
"Well, well, well, look who is finally showing there true colours" a familiar voice said smugly
I jerked my head up from my food to look into ophiuchus eyes to see a reflection of the monster I had became once again in them
"Welcome to the dark side, brother" he grinned

Hope you liked, what do you thinks gonna happen now? Will Aquarius stay the monster he once was? Or will his friends come save him? Will ophiuchus help and protect his siblings? Not likely!


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