Ch2. Fresh start

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Libras P.O.V

I got out of my car and observed my house, I've been to this small town numerous times and something always draws me back

I came up to the huge wooden door and slammed it open
Agh it's so great to be back in the comfort of my own home, I thought to myself

Better get ready for school then .
I have been to school hundreds of times I don't even know why I go I hate homework and cafeteria food

{ at school}
I had to pretend that I didn't know where i was going but in reality I knew where everything was . My first lesson was history, honestly I didn't mind it I'm kinda good with dates well because you know I'm a vampire

The teacher, mrs drew welcomed me in with a warm smile and addressed me to sit behind a boy called Henry I think I don't even know

Finally it was lunch but I didn't have anyone to sit with so I stood there awkwardly ready to brace myself for the worst . Well here goes nothing but before I could a blonde girl with blue tips grabbed my wrists and pulled me along she kept on ranting about something, I wasn't really listening to what she was saying but I managed to pick up the name Gemini.

Then we got to her table and she pushed me down I assumed she was popular with all the people swarming around her all happy and chattery , eating their lunch's
I would give anything to be human again but I brought this burden on myself so I'm stuck with it . I wish I could eat normal food too but to me it's grotesque , I'm on a strict animal blood diet because blood.... does something to me and let's say it's not pretty

"Hello I'm Gemini the prettiest girl in school if you didn't hear before," she said excitedly though I'm not to sure if she was kidding
"And this is Virgo the ..... well nerd"

"Excuse you ! I'm not a nerd I'm just intelligent!" The girl whom I assumed was Virgo chimed in then pouted
"Well I'm Libra" I murmured I didn't come here to make friends I just needed to fit in but there was something about these girls I felt calm and comfortable around them strange, right? Then Gemini and Virgo we're having a debate about a boy which rather amused me

"Capricorn is ugly and not worth you time , v" Gemini declared
"It's not like that we're just friends!" Virgo urged
"Whatever you say but I still think he looks like a goat! Plus he hangs around with losers!"
" do you mean Leo? ..... your brother..."
" exactly!" Gemini snapped

All of a sudden, 2 boys walked up to Gemini and her 'minions' the first boy had brownish hair and green eyes
The second was a tall blonde with a muscular body
I felt butterflies in my stomach , I gazed in his beautiful green eyes and- wait Wait WAIT
There is no way I'm crushing on a guy who I literally haven't spoken to yet!

I promised myself to never fall in love again after... never mind all you need to know is it ended in heartbreak and death....

Then his spoke,  his voice was calm and almost satisfying "Gemini we're did you put my money?"
"I don't know what your talking about.." she said with a sweet tone. Clearly she was lying
"Well it was on the side and it's gone!" He claimed
" maybe it was the money fairy!...."she teased
"Seriously Gemini, seriously? that may have worked when I was  12 but not now!" He recalled
I couldn't help but giggle at his remark then his eyes fixed on me
" I don't believe we have met , I'm Leo and you are" he asked
"Libra" I said affectionately
We then shuck hands and may I add the we're INCREDIBLY soft
"Pleasure to meet you Libra".......

{ after school }

I headed to my best friends house whom I haven't seen in decades and believe it or not he's older than me
I knocked on his door, most people would have been extremely anxious but to me a 52 years isn't a lot time for vampires.

"Libra!" My best friend, Sagittarius exclaimed followed by a massive hug " when did u get back?!?"
" today actually really early I just went back to school and I didn't see you there" I answered
"Well I don't actually go, think of it as homeschooling"
"Alrighty then , umm can I come in?" I asked him because us vampires need to be invited in places. Other thing about vampires is that the light of the sun burns us to the point of death so we have daylight jewellery, mines a pearl necklace Sagittarius made my when I first turned. I have know him my whole "vampire" life as he calls it  and only witches and warlocks can make them! Oh did I forget to mention he's a warlock, a very powerful one at that to.

Once inside he made me a cup of coffee and we sat to chat. We talked about our lives and how he only came back 1 year ago from New York, now as most witches age Sagittarius once pissed a really old warlock so he gave him immortality witch Tari didn't want. Suddenly the our tv show was interrupted by some frightful news

We are sorry to interrupt your programme but a teacher at celestial high, mrs drew was found dead with what appeared to be an animal bite

"You know what this means" Sagittarius sighed
"Cancers come to town" I responded

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter sorry if it's short , I'm planning to do the rest in the next chapter
Word count: 965


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