Ch5. Thanks a lot, taurus

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Leo's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of Gemini screaming in
"GO AWAY!" I screamed back at her, she was downstairs cooking breakfast... then I remembered she can't cook so I better get up before she burns the house down
And there she stood with a plate of burnt bacon and raw eggs
"Breakfast!" She said happily
"Do you want me to get food poisoning?" I answered back
She sighed and she made some cereal for the both of us

When we arrived at school we went I separate ways, I walked over to my best friend, Capricorn some people may think it's an odd friendship but I disagree
"Hey, how is the wicked witch of celestial high?" He asked
By that he meant of Gemini, it was a nickname we came up with when we first started here and I knew by that statement he meant " hey Leo, how is Virgo?"
"Dude just ask her out!" I pushed
"Gemini?" He said confused
"No! Virgo!"
"What are you talking aboouuutttt?" I stuttered
"Whatever, I know you like her"
"Shut up"

I went to class and cap went to his, the teacher wasn't there so I went over to Taurus who was writing in his diary
" whatcha writing in your diary?" I asked him
"One it's a journey" he groaned ( it was a diary)
"And two why do you care?"
"I'm bored, Taurus talk to me" I whined
"I don't like you" he murmured
I know he loves me really. Then Libra walked in she's so pretty .....
"Ummm Leo? Your drooling" Taurus interrupted my thoughts on Libra
"Ahhhh I get it, you like her!" He laughed
"What! No!" I blurted out quickly defending myself
"Go talk to her!" Taurus urged "and not to me!"
I look at him and he pushed me over to her witch then I ended pouring her coffee all over her she was completely shocked and covered in her drink
"Seriously!" She moaned, even angry her voice was angelic
If matters couldn't get any worse the teacher walked in
"Leo! Libra! Detention!" She yelled

Thanks a lot, Taurus.....

{in detention}

We sat across from each other, the teacher wasn't there nor any other students . She was concentrating on her work doodling lines ' I must not interrupt class' which I didn't do
"I'm really sorry, Libra" I said breaking the awkward silence
"It's ok" she replied sweetly
"So how do you like celestford?" I began moving closer to her
"It's quiet... small ... peaceful" she smiled
"What about your parents?" I asked
"Ummm my parents are dead..." Libra murmured
"Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to~" I apologised
"No, no it's quite alright" she reassured
"So who did you live with then?"
"My aunt"

When detention was over she started to walked of home back home
But I wanted to spend more time with her so I decided to ask her out... as friends of course
"WAIT! Libra, do you maybe wanna hang out... I mean you don't have to - only if you want to~" I stuttered, jeez that was not embarrassing at all
"I'd love too"

Thank you Taurus....

This was a really short chapter, I just wanted to introduce Taurus whose one of my favourite characters that I came up with :) and hint some ships ❤️


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