Ch35. Tag, you're it

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No ones P.O.V

When Cassiopeia arrived back home ophiuchus was waiting for her
"Well?" He asked
"I know the weapon that can kill us" she replied "that girl Aquarius fancies, Aries was it? She can make a special kind of fire~ hell fire"
"Well then, we'll just have to kill her" he smiled

The next day

Sagittarius P.O.V

Today's the day! I'm finally gonna break the spell keeping me and Gemini apart! I was working on it with Libra as Aquarius and cancer sat on the windowsill, cancer had  a bottle of vodka in her hands as Aquarius just had a HUGE glass full
"rUnNiNg ThRoUgH tHE pArKiNg lOt hE cHaSeD mE aND hE wOuLdN't StOp" cancer sang
"TAG, your IT, tag, TAG, your IT" Aquarius sang back
"gRaBbEd mE hAnDz, PuShED mE dOwN tOoK tHe WoRdS rIgHt OuT mE mOuTh" she sang again
"tag, YOUR it, TAG, tag, YOUR it" Aquarius finished
"Are you guys drunk?" Libra asked
"Pftttt no!" Aquarius scoffs falling of the windowsill
"Your wasted..." I sighed in disapproval, of course! Of course they're drunk now!
"HAZAR!" Cancer exclaimed while pumping a fist in the air the talking another gulp from the bottle.
We try to ignore them as they boop each other's noses but it's no use because they continue to sing.
"How many fingers am I holding up?" I questioned  hoping I can sober them up
"tWeNtY tHrEe!!!!" Aquarius squealed "am I right? Of course I am"
"Oh bloody hell" I cursed shaking my head and if matters couldn't get any worse Capricorn and Leo had to show up!
"TWEEDLEDEE! TWEEDLEDUM! Two halves of a whole idiot!" Cancer yelled pointing at the pair of them as Aquarius began to laugh and then falls of the windowsill for the second time. He then started to puke right into a bag
"Oh, that's my bag..." Libra sighed "are you ok Aquarius, honey?" She's too good, he just threw up in her bag and she's more concerned for his  well being, I would of threw him out the window.
as he tried to get up cancer kicked him back down and giggled
"HELP! HELP! IVE BEEN HELD CAPTIVE BY A DUST BUNNY" Aquarius called out "CHILDREN!!!! COME HETHER!!!!" As on cue Leo and Capricorn began to pull him up from the ground
"Good guinea pigs" Aquarius smiles stroking them on the head "now piss off" then pushes them onto the floor via there heads.
That's it, I'll never be able to touch Gemini again! Oh cruel world, what have I done to deserve this!
"Here watch loony tunes" I told them switching on the t.v
"UGH, I hate bugs bunny why does everything work out for him? It's so irritating! BLEH! Daffy if the real star here, SHOW HIM SOME RESPECT,  PEOPLE!" Cancer ranted and went to go out of the door tipsily
"Where you going?" I ask just in case she goes to do something stupid
"I'm gonna go sniff Scorpio's clothes!" She answered, well it's disturbing but not dangerous
"I'm gonna go set something on fire, hehe" Aquarius smirked and tiptoed  out the door
"Can you guys go~" I began
"Yeah" Leo finished before he and Capricorn follow Aquarius

An hour passed and me and Libra finally think we broke the spell, I rush over to Gemini's room and crashed my lips onto hers, after several seconds we finally break apart
"You broke it" she smiled sweetly
" did you ever doubt I would?" I replied before she kissed me again
"Let's go see a movie!!!!" She laughed, talking my had and rushing out the door enthusiastically. I'm just glad to be with her again, we all know in the next few days we won't have time to do these things, we have to make the most of it and I want to do that with Gemini.

TWO CHAPTERS IN ONE DAY! Who am I? This is mostly a comedy chapter, I have wanted to do a drunk scene for a while now so bada bing bada boom! I ship Gemini and Sagittarius so freaken much 😍😍😍😍😍,  I also love Melanie Martinez 💕, hope you likey! Toodles!


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