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Leo's P.O.V

I was traumatised, in front of me was Libra who had a dead bird in her hand and her face covered in its blood but she didn't look like she wanted to hurt me... she looked scared. How can this be happening? Caring, dainty Libra who seems purely innocent and sweet is now a blood-sucking monster.
"Leo, please understand~" she began but that's when I lost it
"Understand what! That your a... a" I said raising my voice a bit
"Vampire" she finished for me with shame in her voice, she looked at the ground in embarrassment
"Did you kill our teacher?!?" I remembered
"No, I don't feed of humans" she said softly "that's why I'm not as strong as ca- other vampires"
"Is this why you, Pisces, Capricorn and Gemini are always privately talking?" I ask her while talking a step towards her
"Yes, their like me" mumbled Libra
"Vampires!?!  my own sister..." in snapped
"No.. supernaturals"
"Yes, Capricorn's a werewolf, Pisces is a mermaid and Gemini's a doppelgänger"
"What's a doppelgänger?"
"It doesn't matter, I'll let her tell you herself" she says as she smears the blood of her face
" you can't tell anyone or I'll have to compel you"
"Ok..." I promise her
"I understand if you hate me or never want to see me again" she stuttered
At that moment I wasn't afraid, I mean how could I be - it's still the same Libra who I had a  crush on, who is kind and caring and puts others before her. I came towards her and wrapped my arms around her, she burred her face into my shoulder and sobbed
"Hey...hey.. it's ok, I'm not afraid of you" I comforted her
"Really?" Libra whispered
"Really" I said
She broke from the hug and wiped her tears of her face, the smiled
"Well Leo, your on the team"

Scorpios P.O.V

Libra came into the living room were me, Gemini and Aries we're watching a movie ( Capricorn was watching high school musical 2 in the cinema room.... again)
"Hey Lib- why did you bring him!" Gemini began
" hello to you to, dear sister" this new person said
"Who is this anyway?" Aries asked "and what is he?"
"This is Leo~ a human " Libra answered
"Why did you bring a mortal here? This is a place for supernaturals" I say confused
Libra was about to say something but cancer walked in with a smug expression on her face
"Ah, Libra, so kind of you to bring me my lunch" cancer
"Very funny" Libra said flatly
Then cancer turned to Leo
"I'm cancer Libras older and much prettier sister" cancer smirked
"Really? Libra didn't say she had a sister" Leo claimed
"Well, Libras never really been a bragger" cancer smirked
Cancer can be so annoying at times.... scratch that, she's annoying all the time.
"Well, if he's not my lunch then why is he here?... hello, humans aren't wanted"
Cancer groaned " that means bye bye bitch"
"He's not human" Sagittarius butted in from lurking out of the shadows "well not a full one anyway"
Gemini laughed " you mean.. him?.. yeah theirs no way my little brother is... well like me" she sniggered while wiping the tears from her eyes
Leo rolled his eyes, Gemini caught him and looked at him
"Yeah, keep rolling your eyes, maybe you'll find a brain"
"rOaStEd" I say
Then all he'll broke loose and everyone was having a roast battle
"I'm surrounded my idiots...." Sagittarius murmured then walked away

A very grumpy and sleepy Aquarius entered the room
"HEY! Can you guys shut up! Some people are trying to sleep!" He yelled groggily "Dicks" and with that he left
"I'm gonna see what Tari is doing" Gemini said and left us, why is everyone leaving?!? Well if you can't beat em join em!
"I'm going to the bar!... and no cancer you aren't coming" I smiled and headed towards the front door
"Hold up, Scorpio!" It was Libra "can I come with you?"
I shot Her a warm smile "of course"
I missed her, even if she didn't know it, we were close friends back in the 19th century But then sag took her memories.

"What am I gonna do?!?!" Libra cried as we sat on the front chairs at the bar doing shots
"I kissed Leo and then he found out I'm a vampire and now it's all weird"
"Hold up, he's avoiding you?" I ask her, this really reminds me of her old backstabbing, shitty boyfriend
"Not exactly, more of I'm avoiding him" she groaned throwing her head down on the bar table in shame. I laughed
"Ah, makes sense now" I smile
"What?" She asks seriously
"Your in love, bad case" I say while taking a shot
"phttt, no I'm not!" She sulked
"Yeah you are, I've seen that face before" I playfully argue with her
"I forgot that you knew me, I must ask for Tari for my memories back" she says proudly
"I'm not to sure about that..." I sighed
" because of Orion?" She questioned
"Yeah..." I muttered "and it makes 'you know who' sound more like a dickhead"
"What did he do to you?" She asked sadly
"He slept with cancer, while we were dating, cheating on me and you" I sighed again I felt a wave of anger rush over me and I saw Libras face drop
"WHAT!!!!" She shouted "I hate him even more"
"You said it, sister.. we all hate him" I agree with her
We clinked glasses and chugged it down.


Gemini's P.O.V

I walked up the stairs and knocked on Sagittarius's door
"Sag? Can I come in?" I ask him
"Sure" he says from inside the room, I open the door and see him reading on the bed
" what's up?" He said as he looked up from his book
"I just wanted to talk" I replied " the others are annoying me"
"Don't they annoy me two but I love them- well I tolerate cancer" he added
I laughed and sat next to him on the bed, he made me feel comfortable and safe
"I feel a great evil coming to town.." he sighed changing the subject
"How does that work?" I questioned while moving closer to him
"Let's call it intuition" he smiled, I looked into his big blue eyes~ god they are  gorgeous!
I couldn't help but lick my lips and then he leaned in ever so slowly but I've never been a patient girl- I grabbed him by his hair and pulled him into my lips, they were so soft and I could feel his warmth radiating through my body, I've never really had such a passionate and effective kiss before, they were all... emotionless but Sagittarius is special, I feel for him. We broke apart and we just sat their smiling at each other I rested my head on his shoulder and-
"Wow, that was lovely, would you like me to initiate the violin?" Cancers voice said from the back of the room
"Oh my god! What are you doing here!?!?" I almost yell at her, she look confused
"What?... I was bored" she said as she raised her hand to her head "I only wanted to whined up Sagittarius! Then I find you confessing your love to each other! Ugh, how misleading... next time put a tie on the door!"
God how has Libra put up with her for over a hundred years!?!?

Sorry about the slow update, how you liked this part! I honestly love cancer 😂


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