Ch21. Did you miss me?

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Cancers P.O.V

I eagerly open the door, Taurus beside me.
"The hot one's here!" I exclaimed
"Cancer your here! Libra is out of control and- who's this? Your new boy toy?" Tari said then turned his direction on me "you need to finish your lunch then help us!"
"Yeah not a boy toy, second cancer says my blood is wayyy to rich" Taurus smiled
"Taurus?!??" Fishface chirped then ran up to hug him
"Oh... your Taurus, my apologies" Sagittarius butted in
Taurus started to walk around the house
"So you like all live together?" Taurus asked "Isn't it annoying?"
"Completely but we got to stick together so go pick out a room" Pisces replied
"Yeah, I'm not staying here" he added
"What is your powers go out of control and you kill more people?" I pointed out
"Fine..." he complained

Tari , Scorpi  and aquapants were all sat around a map
"Cancer come here, I need your blood for a locators spell" Sagittarius called
"Ok, baba saga" I commented then cut the middle of my hand so my blood can ooze onto the map. My blood formed a big blob and ran down to were my sister was. Miami. Why the hell is she in Miami?
"Gather up the troops, we're going on a holiday" Sagittarius sighed

Sorry for how short it is I just need to get across the whole... thing? Idk


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