Ch7. Whats wrong with capricorn?

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Capricorn P.O.V

"Wait so she slapped you across the face?" Sniggered Taurus
"I only asked for a pencil! What's Gemini's problem?!?" I whined
"I don't know dude, she's a weird one" he answered
Then we went to class, it was extremely boring
Professor Clark was rambling on about chemicals and all that shit

Out of know where, a banging headache took over me it was awful, I felt myself get really sweaty
"Are you ok?" Taurus asked "you look pale"
"Yeah, yeah I'm ok..." I shuddered
"Taurus , Capricorn everything alright- Capricorn you don't look so well, you can go to the bathroom if you need to" the teacher said

I jolted out my seat and headed to the bathroom. I had the urge to throw up and I became extremely dizzy
"Agh" I agonised
I stared into the mirror and my eyes weren't their normal turquoise they were a somewhat yellow, in fact they were a piercing yellow.
I had this excruciating toothache, especially my  fang teeth.
I felt my head ringing and I slowly dropped to the floor and blacked out but I could her the faint cry of ... Gemini's voice?

"You awake Wolfe?" Some girl said she had dark black hair, blue eyes and reeked of danger ....   wait. Did she call me Wolfe? Then I remembered I don't know her, I've been capnapped!
"Ugh" I groaned while my eyes flutter open
"That's it capri-sun get up" she grinned
"How do you know my name... well almost" I mumbled trying to get up but I was chained to the wall be this psychopath
"Stop it cancer your scaring him!" Libra? Argued
"Libra what are you doing here? Where Am I?" I asked confused
"Listen I don't know how to say this but~" she began
"We think your a werewolf" the girl whose supposedly called cancer interrupted
I laughed at her comment, werewolf's don't exist and if they did I wouldn't be one but cancer saw me my laugh and suddenly fangs grew in her mouth and veins appeared from under her eyes I was in total shock, I couldn't believe anything I saw in front of me.
"Are you a werewolf?" I began and cancer pulled a discussed face
"Ew, do I look like a dirty, greasy dog? No." She moaned
Which Libra responded with an eye roll
Then a boy with ginger hair walked in cancer stared at him
"Oh, it's you..... whats my darling Scorpio doing at this moment?" She questioned
"Probably hiding from you- ya know because he HATES YOU" The boy yelled in annoyance then he looked at me
"Hi I'm Sagittarius, I'm a warlock you know Libra from school well that bitch over there is her sister cancer and they are vampires, upstairs theirs Scorpio the demigod he will come down when cancer leaves, and then there's the princess from another planet, Aries and Aquarius a knight from said planet and you know Gemini" he spoke
As Gemini walked in
"Well demon queen of high school, what are you?" I sneered in disbelief that she could be anything
"A doppelgänger you moron! I have magical blood or something and look like Sagittarius ex girlfriend but I'm probably way hotter" she claimed And I scoffed
"Am I the only one who lowkey ships these two?" Cancer barged in our conversation
I was mortified, how DARE she ship me with that blue tipped monster!
"YES" me and Gemini say in unison
"Ugh, I'm wasted here, I'll go get my lunch!" Cancer responded and started to exit
"Cover your tracks!" Libra reminds from behind her
"Don't even worry about it, little sis" she shouts back from half way up the stairs

Then all attention was back on me.
"So to tonight's a full moon so if you are a werewolf like we think you are then you'll stay over here in chains and I have to add it's real painful" Sagittarius sympathised
"Here drink this" Libra said handing me a bottle of water but when I drank it all my mouth became Burt and blistery for a couple of seconds and I spat it out all over the floor which made Gemini hackle like the witch she is ... that bitch
"Ugh, what was that?" I say bitterly
"Wolfsbane which confirms your a werewolf" Sagittarius explained

A few hours later....

"The moon is up we have to go, we will check up on you tomorrow" Libra empathised
I nodded and they walked out the door locking me in the room with very little light, they also gave me a bottle of wolfsbane to drink to weaken me. Honestly this is crazy, hours ago I had a normal life soon to find out werewolf's, vampires, warlocks, demigods, aliens and doppelgängers exist! I wonder what else there is...
The it began, it was like every bone in my body was breaking then re-arranging it in a new position, the wolf position. I have never felt so much pain in my whole life and the rest from that was kind of a blur

The next morning I woke up in a bed to the delicious smell of pancakes I wandered down the stairs to see a boy with blue hair making them, he looked up at me and smiled
"Hey I'm Scorpio" he told me
"The demigod" I replied
"Yep that's it" he answered back to me
I red-headed girl rushed down the stairs full of energy with a boy with bluish-greyish hair trailing behind her groggily
"Hello, I'm princess Aries of fire but please call me Aries and that's Aquarius my knight" she chirped happily " your Capricorn, right?"
"Yeah that's me, what is this place?" I ask her but before she could say anything she was rudely interrupted by cancer
" my house! None of you should be here! What is this place a recruitment centre? I think not" she nagged
" well it's also my place so suck it up" Libra piped in coming down the stairs
"I'm older" cancer stated
"Well I was turned first which makes me the older vampire therefore I'm stronger" Libra said smugly
" well I'm not the one eating squirrels! Am I!" Cancer argued back
"Ladies, ladies....... who fucking cares whose older or more powerful!" Sagittarius moaned
"I clearly do carrot top!" Cancer shot back at him as she walked out the kitchen.

How am I supposed to put up with these lot?

Woo! Got this chapter done! And Capricorn's a werewolf, next chapter I'll try to focus it on Pisces who hasn't appeared much yet.
Hope you enjoyed this part! 💙💙💙💙


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