Ch30. Training

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Sagittarius P.O.V

As we all headed home without an Aquarius I was extremely worried, I feel like it is my duty to prepare and lead these talented young (or young looking) individuals.
When we got in the house we all sat down in the lounge together, then I stood up and sighed
"I know times seem tough but we are a team and the world is at stake, ophiuchus is planning a war and a war he shall get" I stated "follow me"
I got up and lead them to a secret room under the house that I was building with the help of magic of course
"What is this place?" Pisces said in amazement
"Welcome to the training room" I smiled
"Oh bloody hell, finally filling out your dreams of a recruitment center? What are we called anyway? The Sagittarius's?" Cancer mocked
"This is serious, cancer" I stated sternly
"Oh, no, I know that and I applaud your efforts, carrot top but do you seriously think that these lot can beat the original vampires? No offence guys" she said
"Oh, yeah how is that not offensive" Leo murmured
"I do believe that we can do this, if we study them and discover there weaknesses and build our strengths" I added
"But how do we even kill an original?" Virgo asked
"We'll find a way" I admitted
It's true I don't know how but I have a reliable source, I'm not allowed to tell the others because it puts them at risk because that night at the hotel when Leo was sick, Aquarius called me saying that he's gonna get closer to his family to discover how to get rid of them, he's working as a double agent In a way but I can't deny the fact that he has returned to his old self and that they are still his family. I just have to trust his judgment.
"Right cancer you and me" I said
"I beg your pardon" cancer chocked on her drink
"We're going first, use your abilities to try and take me down, first one that banishes the other out the circle wins" I added
"Fine but if you get hurt it's not my fault" she stated confidently
We both stepped into the circle then I told her to come at me then she started to run at me using her vamp-speed
"Frangeretur" I mutter as I twist my wrist,
Cancer's neck snaps and she plummets to the floor, her head passing the circle
"And this is what happens when your appoint gets cocky" I announce to the group as they stare at me wide-eyed
"Libra, Scorpio, up" I gestured towards them and they stepped into the circle after I dragged cancer to the other side of the room.
Libra turns her eyes all vampire and kicks Scorpio right in the jaw using all her heightened strength, Scorpio straightens his jaw then flies behind her, taking a staff and wiping her out with it but she was still in the circle. Scorpio walked up to we're Libra was on the floor but before he could do anything She kicked him in the stomach causing him to fly across the room crashing into the wall~ out of the circle
"Ouch" he whined rubbing the back of his neck
"Pisces, Leo, would you go next?" I suggested and they nodded getting up from there seats.
Leo grinned his annoying grin and bared his wolf teeth and charged at Pisces who was incredibly calm and placed her hands on his head then started to hum a short tune causing Leo to collapse onto the ground
"Out like A light" she smiled proudly which I returned
"What are those rooms for?" Virgo asked pointing to the three doors
"Oh, one is headquarters, another other for tec and that room is for Taurus so he can train and you know... not kill us all" I replied
"Gee, thanks" Taurus said sarcastically and went to check it out
"Well, I'm gonna leave all the fighting to you supernaturals, I might as well design the badass weapons" Virgo commented and went to go and do that, she seems really intelligent...
Suddenly cancer woke up
"Ow... you stupid dick" cancer complained getting up
"How long will Leo be asleep for?" I asked Pisces
"5-10 hours" she admitted
I muttered the words yes and set everyone to continue training.

Gemini was practicing on the punching bag
"Are you gonna help me or just stare?" She called out grinning
"I would but I wouldn't wanna give you a heart attack" I answer and she smiled sadly "I'm working on it"
"I know you can do it" she says and continues to kick the the bag.
Cancer then starts to push a punching dummy into the middle of the room
"Look what I found!......I think I'm gonna call him Carl after a fallen hero" cancer announces placing a hand on where her heart should be
"Whose Carl?" Capricorn asked walking out of The room with Taurus beside him
"Care to explain, Taurus?" Cancer says
"Carl was our guard" He explained
"And what did you do to Carl?" Cancer asked him
"I obliterated him out of existence" he muttered, staring at the floor
"You obliterated him out of existence!" Cancer repeated smacking her hands onto the dummy
"I like to think he's at peace" Taurus assured himself
Well......I'm surrounded by morons....

Sorry about the wait guys! Hope you liked the chapter though, I have named this day CARL DAY so everyone remember Carl and what a glorious asset he was to this mess of a book. Hope your all safe and enjoying this shitty time! I'm rambling now... Adios bitches! 🤡


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