Ch37. Dead girl walking

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Gemini's P.O.V

I was curled up In bed, rolling around comfortably until I got rudely awoken by Libra rushing in and pulling the covers over herself. I let out a groan in annoyance, turning away from her before she she pulled me around
"Wake up, lazy ass" she laughed shaking me up and down
"What?!!" I yelled groggily
"You, me and Aries are going shopping,now" she told me
I don't really think it's a good idea given everything that's going on but I suppose i should get back to my original routine
"Fine" I replied
"Yay" she smiled clapping her hands together then hauling me out of bed. I got up, brushed my teeth and put on a red halter top and blue denim shorts, I tied my hair into a rough ponytail and applied some makeup. I walked out of my room and knocked onto Aries's door which was right next to mine
"Come on, babes, we're going shopping" I called then skipped down the stairs merrily


Capricorn P.O.V

I was peacefully sleeping before Leo jumped on me with his fat ass.
"Dude, get off" I moaned, kicking him off before throwing a pillow at his head
"I need your help" he whined "your gonna come with me to follow Libra to the mall"
Sounds more like stalk her to me....
"What! No! You can't just 'follow' her around like a love sick puppy and presides I'm going to the movies with Virgo" I said smugly
"What happened to pals before gals? Don't leave me hanging!" He whined again and I simply shook my head "fine! I'll take...."
Coincidently Taurus walked through the door, seeing Leo smirking, he went to leave
"Oh no" he muttered grasping the door handle
"Taurus!" Leo smiled throwing his arm over Taurus's shoulder "your coming to follow Libra, Gemini and Aries to the mall with me"
"You mean stalk?" He questioned as I pointed at him in agreement and Leo crossed  his arms
"I'll take you to the food court" he compromised desperately
"Done!" Taurus replied smiling causing me to shake my head in disappointment
"I'm coming too" a voice said coming from the bathroom which door flung open revealing Aquarius "once my family finds out that Aries can kill them they'll try to kill her so it will be better to keep an eye on her"
"Oh.... wait! What were you doing in my bathroom?!??" I asked accusingly
"No reason..." he answers swiftly hiding the purple flowers behind his back
"Is that wolfsbane?!?! That could KILL ME!" I yelled
"Relax, mate, only yellow Wolfsbane can kill you, this one is clearly purple" he smirked "let's get going"

Taurus P.O.V

These two just need to make out with them already because they are really pissing me off. I mean, come on! Aries and Aquarius are always flirting and Leo and Libra are always making eyes at each other....

I hate my life.

When Leo spotted them he  quickly dragged us behind a pole as the walked past
"This is ridiculous" i said
"Shut up Taurus" Aquarius replied
"Yeah, shut up Taurus" repeated Leo

Someone save my now....

After following them around for what seemed like centuries they finally went to the food court were Leo can PAY UP.

Aries P.O.V

"So, Aries" Libra began "what's up with you and Aquarius?"
I chocked on my drink, trying to process what she had just asked me. Nothing is up with me and Aquarius, we're friends, actually we're not even friends anymore! He's a self-centred, narcissistic, son of a~ never mind
"What ever do you mean?" I finally say acting completely confused
"Well, the sexual tension between you two is astonishing and he's like really hot" Gemini chips in causing me too yet again chock on my drink then scoff... Aquarius is not hot like whatsoever

Aquarius P.O.V

So there we were eating, a few tables behind the girls. I can't believe I'm associating with amateurs but desperate times calls for desperate measures
"What they talking about?!??" Taurus asked talking a bite from his burger
"They're talking about how hot I am" I smirked smugly, I mean there not wrong
"You raving egomaniac" Leo commented
"Listen you idiot" I answered shoving his head
Onto the table as he whines, rubbing his face
"Whatever..." he mumbled after listening, I could practically smell the jealousy off of him, it was rather funny actually. After tormenting Leo, I finally noticed Aries get up from her seat and leave so I decided to follow her.

Aries P.O.V

I stupidly left my phone in a shop so I went to go and retrieve it but I felt a pair of eyes on me and then suddenly a pair hands around my mouth, viciously dragging me into a coffee shop. The room was dark and there were five originals staring back at me, I looked around at all the people staying ever so still like they were frozen and just waiting for the command to move just like me who was compelled to just sit there, dang it! I wish I wore my vervain necklace!
"So, shall we kill her fast or slow?" Orion grinned causing me to gulp
"Slow, brings me more joy" a dirty blonde smiled, I hadn't met him before but his features were extremely close to castors which made me believe it was Pollux and he was about to bite me but a figure vamp-speeded over throwing him across the room~ Aquarius.
"What the bloody hell do you think your doing?!?!" He yelled "you can't kill her!"
"Why not? You killed everyone we ever cared for" Orion stated crossing her arms.
Of course! Of course my life is in the hands of notorious killer, Aquarius the 2000 year old sociopath, GREAT! Just great! I'm doomed!.....
"You killed my girlfriend!" Cassie shouted
"Ugh! I didn't kill Anne! That was ophiuchus!" Aquarius claimed
"Anne was castors girlfriend! Jane was mine!" She yelled back at him as Aquarius looked completely confused
"Wait" castor interrupted and turned to ophiuchus "you killed Anne?!?!"
"She wasn't good enough for you! And presides the point, this is about Aquarius!" Ophiuchus replied
This family is the most DIFUNCTIONAL family in the history of families!
"Still doesn't ring a bell..." Aquarius went on making matters worse
"5'7, porcine skin, red hair?" Cassiopeia described
"Oh yes!" Aquarius smiled proudly, snapping his fingers "She smelt terribly, I did you a favour..... your welcome"
" I loved her!" Cassie yelled her eyes watering "you made your way through countless of people we care about!" I couldn't help but feel sorry or her
"I know what I've done!" Aquarius shouted back suddenly becoming serious "I'm a beast, I did what I did purely out of attention seeking and I know that doesn't excuse my actions but it's wasn't just me! We all do vile things to each other and expect nothing in return! Ophiuchus did far worse than I did, heck I was in a box for many scattered years!"
He seemed hurt, his family had broken each other
"SHES A DANGER TO THIS FAMILY!" Ophiuchus enraged attempting to come at me but Aquarius swiftly stepped in front, protecting me
"DO YOU REALLY THINK I WOULD LET THEM KILL YOU!?!?!" Aquarius Wailed "no matter what you guys are still my family! And as much as we torment each other I still care about you that does NOT however mean you can kill her!"
"We don't want to, little brother but we have no  other choice" castor explained

I really don't know if Aquarius can argue with that and just let me die but at the same time I don't think he'll ever give up...
"How about we just take away her powers.." Aquarius offered causing my heart to jump.
After a moment of silence Ophiuchus began to chuckle
"Very well little brother, do you know how to take away ones magical abilities?" Ophiuchus smiled
"If you have a witch I can teach her" he replied expressionless.
No, they can't take my magic! It's the only way to defeat the originals! It's a part of me, I can't give it up!
"I'm sorry, love but we have no other choice, I can't let you die" Aquarius apologised sadly as I shook my head, he grabbed me by the waist attempting to drag me out of the building and into the clutches of the original family, I continued to scream but it seemed like everyone had been compelled to ignore me but mark my words I will never let them take my powers away from me.

So I finally finished, yay! Hope you liked this chapter and I'll try to update soon.


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