Ch36. Ephialtes

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Warning: this chapter contains slight gore and horror - you've been warned

noun: ephialtes; plural noun: ephialtes
- a nightmare.

The witching hour, many people believe it 12:00 exactly but many are wrong, I know it to be 3am~all sinister things begin at 3am. Twelve zodiacs went to to sleep at 10 o'clock for an early morning of training not knowing the upcoming events that will happen in the night.

Aquarius P.O.V

I think it was around 2am-3am when I heard cancer cursing and freaking out and when I heard more and more people wake up to check what was going on. I tried oh so very hard to drift back to sleep but they had other plans talking in there big boy  voices, when I finally managed to haul myself out of bed, I decided to follow were the commotion was coming from~ Taurus' room
"What the bloody hell is going on here!" I ask rubbing my eyes to try and keep them  open and saw Aries, cancer, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Virgo looking back at me
"Something's seriously wrong with Taurus" cancer replied "I came in here to steal some of his money then I fell over and he didn't even flinch at all so I went to check it out, he started muttering a language I couldn't understand and sweating like crazy"
What's wrong with this kid? It feels like something's always up with him! Virgo went to put her hand on his forehead but it burnt to the touch, quickly flinging her hand away, shaking it in the air viciously
"What on earth?" She mumbled in confusion
"Morte" muttered Taurus
"What?" Aries says in bewilderment
"It's Italian" Virgo explained
"For what?" Scorpio asked her shakily
"Death" she answered
This is getting a bit out of hand now, maybe we're over  looking things and anyway people die all the time perhaps it was just summing up day to day life?

Taurus began to shake, his body temperature rising so bad you could practically feel the scorching heat radiating off of him causing most of them to step back a little not being able to bare it, Pisces placed her hands on the both sides of his head, cupping his face trying to cool him down with her 'mermaid hoodoo' and shit but it didn't really seem to be working. They began to try to wake him up be either calling out his name or just plain up throwing water over his head when I finally had enough
"That's it, I'm going in his head" I state rolling my sleeves up so I could finally see what messed up things are going on in Taurus Jones's head
"Do you know how dangerous that is in his state?!?!" Sagittarius argued causing me to roll my eyes "you could completely damage his brain"
"Relax, mate" I reassured him "I'm an original I've done this plenty of times"
"I've come to noticed that you've been daggered for years over numerous occasions due to your recklessness" Aries moaned crossing her arms
"Well I for one don't fancy the 2000 year old psychopath looking through my best friends head" Capricorn commented, how rude....... I'm more of a sociopath,really
"I prefer the term sociopath" I complain shaking my head "presides maybe I could help him, trust me on this, he'll be perfectly fine"
"My trust for you died ages ago" Aries said harshly causing me to sigh In annoyance
"As much as I love making everything about me, it's not, it's about Taurus, now please just let me help" I moaned
Sagittarius nodded hesitantly as I grabbed Taurus by the wrist diving into his subconscious.

I found myself wandering down a warped path in the woods unsure of were it would take me but my body couldn't stop.
"Taurus!" I yell looking for any sign of the male
Continuing to walk on I could smell the faintest smell of fresh, warm blood dripping down onto the forest floor, I turned my head to the right and saw about a dozen dead bodies strapped to the trees with there throats slashed and eyes gouged out, I turn away in disgust, cautiously walking on, I heard the faint cry's of deaths victims, causing shivers down my spine
"Taurus!" I called out again hoping to find a slight trace of him but still no use, I turned behind me to see absolutely nothing~ literally, it was just a stretch of pitchy blackness and when I turned my head back around I saw a huge, red door standing proudly in front of me. I try to open the door but before I got  the chance it set on fire but not regular kind, it was a blue, chilling flame but still gave me an uneasy feeling. I felt myself getting warm~unusually warm until it was utmost unbearable, I then caught on flames burning me alive...

I suddenly got pulled out of the Taurus's head, panting hard then falling back into a chair, burring my face in my hands. There was dried blood stained down my face were it must have been streaming from my eyes (same with my ears and nose too)
"Are you ok?" Aries asked with a worried expression on her face
"Fine" I answer bluntly "I was walking down some sort of forest path, laced with dead bodies and at the end a big red door that eventually set on blue fire, burning me alive"
"I think it was hell fire but we still don't know what that freaken red door is" Sagittarius said staring at Taurus who out of nowhere had began to scream. He suddenly stopped, body flinging forward~ eyes blank, searchering for a pen and paper. He didn't acknowledge us at despite our calling and slight nudges, he started to writing quickly and brutally before his head crashed onto the sheet of paper.

After about five minutes a very startled Taurus awoke from his short slumber
"Ummmm guys? What are you doing here?" Taurus asked frazzled
"You mean you don't remember?" Pisces says
"Remember what?" He asked in curiosity
I motioned my head towards the sheet of paper, now revealing what was written down; the words do not open the red door were written down hundreds of times which seemed impossible considering the amount of time he did it in but the more concerning matter is: what the bloody hell is the red door?!?!?

Intense. That was probably my most gory chapter yet which isn't very high due to the fact I can't write it. Hope you like this chapter, I'm quite proud of it actually... toodles!


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