Ch16. Were talking about the same taurus, right?

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Taurus P.O.V

I wake up and find myself in an unknown room on an unknown bed
"Ugh, dickheads" I groan groggily "I'm fricking hungry! Give me food!"
Honestly I don't think I'm really in the right state of mind... did they drug me?!?! Ugh, rude.
"Yooo hooo, not getting any younger here" I say while swinging on the door, then five big superhuman creatures bust into my room
"Oooh you think your intimidating.... well I hate to break it to yas but your not, boop" I laugh while booping his nose... what the fuck am I on?!?! "What are you guys anyway?"
"We're vampires" the biggest blond one answers
"Oh, makes total sense...." I mumble
Then the leader who I think was called ophiuchus walked in
"Guys, treat our guest with utmost respect" he orders them
"Yeah you heard that, move along you big bastards" I say confidently maybe to confident for my own good. They leave us and he sits on the bottom of my bed
"What do you want from me?" I ask him
He sighs and after a long pause he finally speaks "long ago there was a prophecy, it said that there was a weapon... a boy, you and that it will be the most powerful living source in the universe but it also says this boy will either bring the greatest life or the greatest destruction"
"And you think that's me? Listen crazypants, I'm not gonna do heck so I'll just be on my way~"
"No! I'm sorry but if you try to escape I'll lock you away and kill you loved ones"
Who the hell does this guy think he is? Mark my words I will escape.

Pisces P.O.V

I'm really scared for Taurus, it's knocking me sick. Capricorn was speeding down the road to our house. When we got there we saw them all in a room looking quite serious, it made my feel rather uncomfortable
"Guys we have some serious news" I start
"It will have to wait, orions back and she threatened Gemini" Sagittarius cut in, I think he's appointed himself leader
"No! This is more important! Ophiuchus visited us and stole Taurus because he has this crazy power like nothing I've ever seen and ophiuchus wants to use him to destroy the world" I huffed and Capricorn nodded viciously, the rest of them stared at us wide-eyed then Leo finally broke the silence
"Just to clarify Were talking about the same Taurus who is a loner and hates company, right? That Taurus?"
"Yep" I reply
"Oh...just.. checking that we're all on the same page here" he answers
"Right so we kill the bitch" cancer interrupts
"But how do we even kill an original?" Libra asks
"I have no idea..." Sagittarius says in dismay

Then there was a loud thumping on the door
"CAPRICORN!!! Ik your in there, PISCES!!!"
Virgo? What is she doing here? Cancer then walked over to the door
"I'm sorry but I didn't order take out, so if you wouldn't mind... GET THE HELL OF MY DOOR STEP!" Cancer argued and Virgo looked a bit startled
"Cancer it's alright, she's a friend" I say peeping behind to door
"Does it look like I care?" She moans " I don't answer to anyone to you"
Virgo clearly didn't care and just barged into the house and stormed over to Capricorn
"You left me hanging! Both of you! And where is Taurus? I've been waiting 15 min~" she stopped herself and looked around at the rest of the 'supernatural squad' who just watched her blankly "what's going on in here?..."
"Please  can I tell her!!! Please Tari please" Capricorn whined
"No! no mortals can know" Sagittarius demand
"Mortals? What kind of narcissist are you?" She commented while waving her hands in the air
"I'm gonna tell her" I say not caring about what Sagittarius was gonna say

"This makes no sense! Oh my god! Is she gonna eat me?!?" Virgo cries and tries to run away
"Can I kill her?" Cancer smirks
"No" Scorpio says without looking at her
"Fine I'll go get her" she groans and then comes back into the room with an unconscious Virgo
"Oh my god, cancer?!?! What did you do?" I gasp
"Relax, fishface" she says smugly "I just showed her my big-girl teeth and she tragically fainted"
Capricorn took Virgo into his arms and put her in his own room, Out of nowhere an army of vampires came in and try to take us away.

I saw a couple go upstairs and take a sleeping Virgo and a fighting Capricorn covered in wolfsbane burns being dragged downstairs and tossed into a van, I saw Gemini being zapped with a taser then carelessly being thrown into said van, Aries, Leo  and Aquarius try as the might got swept away into the van, Sagittarius, Scorpio and cancer who were all  doing a pretty good job being outnumbered and chucked into a van and then Libra who got grabbed my the wrists and pushed into the van. The next thing I knew was one guy throwing me over his shoulder and then they threw me  into the van, before we could fight our way out one vampire bitch rolled a knock-out gas into the van until the very last one of us was unconscious...

Sorry about the wait but I've had a lot on my plate... ha rhymes... anyway the next part will come soon because I've had this idea for a while. The amount of times I said van 😂 tho.


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