Ch4. Return to celestford

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{one week earlier}

Cancers P.O.V

Ahh back at this shit hole, I've been everywhere drinking, dancing with hot guys, drinking some more..... Anyway! I've come back to celestford god knows who came up with the name it crap.
Something in my life is missing... meh it must be my limited edition Gucci slippers, which I left here.
I did hear my baby sister was back though!... this will be fun...

I just have to make a little stop first because I'm starving! I headed to the bar, one of my favourite places by the way and decided whom I would eat today ah~decisions, decisions then I saw a woman who could probably clench my thirst
So I decided to approach her, to be honest this is child's play because everyone is attracted to me and I mean why wouldn't they be? I beautiful, slim and young-well I look young

"Hi" I grinned " can I by you a drink?"
My father always said to not play with your food but then again he was an arrogant fool
"Sure thing" she said with a seductive smile
I like boys and girls but Mostly boys just thought you should know that because I'm a little rusty on girls but I still got it ;)
"Follow me out back" I compelled her, compelling is like mind control for us vampires
"So what's your name" I questioned her
"Jennifer drew," she replied
"Mph" I said not the foggiest bit interested " and what's your profession"
"I'm a teacher" , now I was interested
"Ahh, do you teach Libra Keene?" Added and she slowly nodded and she was staring to get suspicious now
"I'm her sister" I reassured her " is she annoying? Believe me she'll get even more of a goody- goody, ugh! Boring.... I'm i right always saying cancer your so irresponsible or cancer don't drink humans, ha! She eats bunnies!...

She look is alarm and bewilderment
"But now and again you'll never get to see"
Then I plugged my fangs into her neck drinking her delicious liquid, now I have very good control unlike some people cough Libra cough, so I don't normally kill people but her life was just so sad and pathetic so she was better of

"Time to go see my little sis" I muttered to myself with a light smile , blood dripping from my chin witch I smudged of, wondering about all the chaos I can cause.

Pisces P.O.V

"NO , NO, NO!" My father, the king of the Pacific Ocean yelled
I had be asking on ends to go on land
" ITS NOT FAIR, I NEVER ASKED TO BE A PRINCESS!" I screamed back at him
" listen sweetie the world is a dangerous place I just want you to be safe" I replied lowering his voice and although I know it's true I'm to stubborn to agree
" can I have a week dad , that's all I'm asking for" I negotiated
He looked at me for a while and thought about it
" alright then but a weeks it!"
I smiled to myself , said my goodbyes and then my father used his magic to send me on land

What seemed to be the next day I woke up on the beach In tiny blue shorts and a tight cropped halter top. I looked down at my legs and wiggled them around happily .
I needed to sleep somewhere but who would let me stay? I'll just book a hotel.

{present day}

Sagittarius P.O.V

I was having some coffee with Libra when I heard a knock at the door , I gave Libra a glance before hesitantly get up to answer it . I knew no one here except Libs so who could that possibly be

I opened the door door and to my astonishment I saw my old pal Scorpio with a red-headed girl and a boy with bluish-greyish hair
"Scorpio?!?" I exclaimed
"Hey Tari....long time no see" he said
"Sagi whose there?" Libra asked coming up from behind me
"Libra Scorpio , Scorpio Libra" I answered

I welcomed them in and discovered the girl was Aries and boy was Aquarius
"What do you want" I questioned him bitterly
"Look I'm sorry about what happened with Orion and how I left" he said apologetically
I sighed. Orion was my first and last love she, me, Scorpio, Libra (although i took her memory she she didn't have to feel any more guilty for anything else) and cancer and some else... were the closest of friends but something terrible happened resulting in orions death so
I allowed them to stay for the night.

"Are you gonna be ok without me?" She said softly
"I'll manage" I replied calmly
I stared into her dazzling green eyes and smiled , she always made my smile the it was an effect over me that makes me can't say no to her and with that she took of to her grand mansion. Alone.

Libras P.O.V

I left Sagittarius house wondering, there was something peculiarly familiar about Scorpio I just don't know what...

I opened the door but I could sense something was off.
"Cancer..." I turned around facing my sister, a smirk began to grow on her lips
"Awww how did you know it was me?" She whined
"Dead bodies, sucked of blood, sound familiar?" I said coldly
" ugh really already on me about that, what's it been anyway 75 years?"
" 78" I corrected
" yeah yeah whatever.... so heard you were on a no human blood policy , huh" she stated
I stood there silently not wanting to talk to her any longer
" silent treatment huh, how mature of you baby sis" she began again " you know I saw some college boys down the road we could go eat together"
I rolled my eyes "what do you want cancer? You hate celestford"
" maybe I  missed my house, maybe not ... I guess you'll never know, night little sister"
Soon after she trotted up the stairs

Classic cancer.
Ugh! She infuriates me! Why can't I be happy? I do know that I am gonna find out what she is up to.

Four point of views in one chapter! I'll try and update soon, if you have any ship suggestions I would like to know!


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