Ch34. play with fire

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Aries P.O.V

"I know how to kill and original" Sagittarius said as we stare at him in curiosity
"And?" Scorpio asked impatiently
"Well as you know fire can kill a vampire so I did some digging and discovered a type of fire that I believe can kill an original" he explained
"And what type is that?" I questioned
"Hell fire" he replied
"That's it! We're doomed!" Scorpio says frantically braking the awkward silence "how the  hell are we gonna get that?"
"I was hoping Aries could help" Sagittarius smiled sympathetically
Me?!?! No, no, no, I may be the princess of fire BUT that does not mean I know what he's talking about! Who knows If I can even make hell fire! And Presides I don't know how to control my abilities... Aquarius always helped but I hardly doubt he'll be much help in a box while we plot to kill his family! Things have been rocky between us anyway...
"Sorry but I cannot help, for starters I can't control it and secondly I don't even know that I can produce hell fire" I argued "Aquarius helped but he's temporarily dead"
"Then that's it, we rescue Aquarius" Virgo stated
"How are we gonna convince our enemy to give us his psychopathic brother to us?" Capricorn asked frustrated
"Sociopathic " cancer corrected
"What?" He answered in confusement
"You said psychopathic he's more of a sociopath there's a difference" she explained
"WHO THE HELL CARES" he yelled back
At this rate, Aquarius will never be free and the original family will take over the world as we know it.
"Oooo! Oooo! We can just give him Libra!" Cancer insisted proudly  "it's a brilliant plan!"
"What! Why! No!" Libra argued back
"Because he's obsessed with you" she retorted
"Well we're not doing that..." I stated "anything else?"
"We give him Taurus?" Cancers offered again as Taurus pulls a face
"No ones giving ophiuchus anyone!" Sagittarius yelled while cancer folds her arms, sulks and mutters "my plans never get chosen"
I was gonna suggest we just steal him but I got interrupted a sudden knock at the door, Scorpio goes to answer it as me and Sagittarius follow him, he opens the door and there stands a tall, beautiful brunette with light brown eyes and white frilly dress on
"Hey, Cassie" Scorpio greeted beaming "what are you doing here?"
"I'm looking for a Sagittarius" she says shortly "I had no idea you were caught up in all this supernatural business"
"I'm sorry who are you?" Sagittarius asked
"I'm Cassiopeia, I noticed you were the first contact on my little brothers vibrating box"
Does she mean a phone? Does she mean Aquarius? which means...
"Your an original" Sagittarius stuttered as though he had read my mind
"Indeed, the oldest vampire after my father who I presume is dead" she claimed
"What do you want?" I asked
"Revenge, my brother kept my daggered for 200 years so I'm gonna give you my youngest brother back in spite of him" she smiles "he's in the boot of my car if you wouldn't mind collecting"

After she gave him to us, and cancer had a go at her for 'trying to steal Scorpio' we put him in his room, undaggered him and I placed a blood bag on the bed stand side.
We all sat down in the living room discussing the ways that would best suit to unleash the hell fire onto ophiuchus
"We could always surrender Taurus to him?" Leo offered
"Why's it always me!" Taurus sighed
"Won't work" a voice said from behind, a voice that belonged to my oldest friend "my brothers always been a suspicious bastard"
I look at him as a smile crept onto his lips
"Aquarius..." I mumbled not taking my eyes off him
"Miss me?" He smirked smugly and at that moment I felt my blood boil, I stormed over to him, the tips of my hair on fire and smacked him across the face which left a fiery hand print  on his cheek which quickly vanished due to his vampire healing
"What the bloody hell was that for!" He complained
"What?!?" I began, eyes glowing, my fingertips swirled in fire
"Easy, love" he commented taking a step back "wouldn't want to set the place on fire now, would we?"
He infuriates me! But nether the less I controlled my breathing and the flames gradually disappeared. Aquarius grinned and jumped into a chair
"So what we got to kill my big bad brother?" He asked
"Hell fire, we think your little girlfriend over there can produce it" Scorpio told him, pulling a chunk of his strawberry twizzler with his teeth
"I AM NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND!" I shouted throwing a pillow at Scorpio's head as Aquarius chuckled
"Ow!" He whined "what was that for"
"You know what that was for" I accused pointing a finger at him before storming upstairs to calm down.

what can I say I have a temper but let's be real, he deserved it they both did, we just better hope I can create this 'hell fire', they are all relying on me, the whole world is even though they don't know it and I feel like a huge weight had just been thrown on my shoulders. I cannot fail them.

I finally updated, WOOP WOOP. I've been sucked into the wonderful world of stydia fanfics which is why I haven't posted in so long. I think this has been one of my most favourite chapters yet, it was fun to wright. Tar tar now,


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