Ch28. Hybrid

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Leo's P.O.V

"Well, how do you feel?" I heard Libra ask comfortingly
"Eccentric" I replied "and hungry"
I felt the insatiable desire to feed and all I could hear the thumping of their hearts.
"Hear drink this" Libra offered handing me a blood bag which I drank from cautiously, I thought it would be repulsive ( I mean it is blood) but surprisingly it was great, it made me feel powerful
"Ummm, Leo your eyes" Capricorn pointed out
And gave me a mirror
They were like Libras and cancers when they go all 'vampire' except instead of black they were the same yellow of when I turn into a wolf. I noticed the curtains closed, I presumed because I don't have a daylight ring but strangely I had a gut feeling telling me I don't need it so I vamp-speeded over to it yanking it down and to their surprise nothing happened
"I guess being a vampire-werewolf has its perks" I grinned "hey, I might be more powerful than you"
"I wouldn't go that far, mate" cancer stated placing a hand on my shoulder then quickly talking it off. 
"I wonder What else I do?" I said mostly to myself but Sagittarius being the know-it-all that he is answered
"Well I presume that you have you wolf venom in your fangs so Libra, cancer, stay clear from that" he replied
"Awesome" I smiled

Suddenly, Libras phone rang causing Capricorn to jump, Libra stared at it before going white
"It's ophiuchus..." she sighed and then went out of the room to go and answer it. What does he want from her? Is he still in love with her?
"Does this mean I have to live in a cave now?" I asked talking my mind of my thoughts
"We're not barbarians, you heathen" cancer replied rolling my eyes
"Cancer! Apologise!" Scorpio told her
"Ugh, fine!" She moaned "I'm sorry for all the mean, awful, truthful things I said to everyone"
"Right that's it!" Scorpio said annoyed "your on a time out, go sit in the corner, back to us!"
"Pfttt, what?!?! So your telling me it's ok for him to be stupid and not for me to point it out?!?! How is that fair?!?!" She asked confused, that was harsh.
"G.O" he repeated, cancer pulled a sulky face then did what she was told.

Libra soon after walked Into the the room with a worried expression on her face
"Aquarius has gone mad" she stated
We all looked concerned except cancer who let out a loud laugh
"What is wrong with you?" Scorpio said to her "out! Now!"
Cancer sulked again and walked out, dragging her feet against the floor.
"We need to go back to celestford" Sagittarius added
"Not that shithole!" Cancer moaned popping her head through the door
"OUT!" Scorpio yelled pointing at her which she returned by pouting
Wow, I never expected cancer to be tamed.
Anyway we're going back home now and I think we can all agree that was the worst vacation ever.

Right short chapter but I just needed to get to the point... Scorpio and cancer have such a wonderful, unique relationship, it's moments like these is why I love writing. I even have like a list of 'cancer comebacks' that I thought up of and waiting to use them for whenever they fit, hope you like, life's shit.

You know you love me,


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