Lisa P.o.v

Lisa Minnie Whitell

I whipped the last of my tears before my name was called to go on the stage.I was the third to last person before Graduation was over and done with. I just couldn't believe I was graduating I was happy and sad at the same time. I wasn't sad that I was leaving high school I was sad that my mother couldn't make it. I had no family to support me , I was just on my own , okay not really on my own I had Carmello ,Jahmaury , Kimberly , Enrique's family and Kyle's family here to support me well  us. But It would have been nice if my mum could have made it she has to be on bed rest according to the doctor since she just gave birth only two days ago.

I didn't have any make up on and my hair was in wild  curls that Kim did for me , it looked so sexy on me under my cap. I whipped the last of my tears and put on a big smile on my face as I walked up the stairs trying not to embarrass myself an fall in front of this huge ass crowd.

I didn't fall thank god for that ,and I proceeded to walk towards the principal and he handed me my dipolma and I shooked his hand along with hugging a few teachers that where on stage.I was given a medal and a Trophy for drama and highest g.p.a through my entire class. I got a round of applause from the crowd then went down the stairs and got my picture tooken by this photographer man he was sexy as hell , like he had beautiful curly hair and light brown eyes and it was just mesmerizing. He had a nice honey skin tone , he looked around twenty something and her was fiine.

"You're a very beautiful young lady have you ever considered modeling?" The man asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Ugh no was never that kind of little girl who thought of those things , I'm more of a video game kind of girl and like winning in games and hate to lose type,"I said laughing.

He chuckled and took out a card from his pocket and handed it to me.

"If you ever need a photographer and consider being a model ever call me,'He said smiling a big perfect small with shiny teeth.I looked at the card and smiled.

Professional Photographer

Ryan Young

Models / Celebrity Parties / Speacial Events / Graduations

"I'll consider it," I said smiling at him.

I was about to walk away but I wanted to know how old he was for some odd reason.

"I hope this isn't too personal but you look really young can I know your age?" I asked.

"No it isn't too personal I'm 39 will be forty in five months."

"Oh no your liening you look 20 at the most do you have any kids?" I was shocked this man looked young.

"Yeah I'm married with a son named Reese and he's like 19 and I had a daughter,"His face expression changed at the mention of daughter.


"Lisa what's the hold up chick you got us waiting over here for you,"Kim said coming over to me.

"Oh my bad , It was nice talking to you Ryan," I said smiling at him and he smiled back genuinely.

 I walked back to the group and Enrique looked pissed off , he was next to me and kissed his teeth and walked away towards his mum. I was confused but left him be.

"Congradulations sweetheart,"came from Kyle's mum and dad and I smiled so big.

"Thanks," I said hugging them both.

"That ain't even fair  I ain't get a Congradulations sweetheart like that I got a damn I didn't think you would make it this far but I'm proud of you ,"Kyle said crossing his arms a little jealous.

I laughed and his face and hugged him,"We made it bitch," I whispered into his ear and burst out laughing.

"Hell the fuck yeah out of that damn school,"Kyle said jumping up and down.

I hugged everyone and we took picture but Enrique didn't even want to be near for some reason , he stayed at the end of ever pic and I in the middle.

I have seriously know clue what was his problem.

Enrique stood next to Carmello talking to him and I walked towards them he looked up and skcrewed me an walked away.

"What's his problem like I seriously don't know what I did?" I asked Carmello lost as hell.

"I don't know if Kyle's dad know what he's talking about or it's all made up but he was over here flaunting how you and Kyle are the cutest couple and shit and ya stay in that room of Kyle's for long periods of times and sometime you stay over night and he hears moaning and shit , like he was going in seems to me he don't know Kyle's gay or is he telling the truth?"Carmello asked with a raised eye brow.

I busted out laughing.

"Me and Kyle ha are you fucking serious ! No were just best friends and yeah I sleep over but not often and I know for damn sure that don't be me moaning," I said seriously.

"See I told Que he was tripping over nothing , don't worry bout him he's just hot headed and doesnt really let people explain themselves until he wants them too,"Mello rolled his eyes and patted my back."Oh and he's kind of mad about you taking so long holding conversations with the photographer and shit."

I rolled my eyes and scratched my head.

He better get over it.

"Well I gotta potty be right back," I said and Mello nodded his head.

I would have asked Kim to come with me but she looked all cute kissing up on Jah and stuff.

I looked over at Enrique and he was doing something on his phone.

I walked to the restroom and use it and washed my hand.

I got out the restroom texting my mum asking if she was alright and ting.

I felt my back get slammed against the hard stone wall and it hurt like shit , my mouth was covered by a hand and someones lips where on my neck. I wanted to screaam but how could I my mouth was covered. I tried to push the person off but he was way to strong for me. When he finally looked up I started crying like mad. 

Oh shit not again was the only thing that raced through my mind.

I looked directly in to Leon's eyes and started to fight back harder and all he did was smile.

"You can never escape me baby , I love you Lisa your mine,"Leon said and I shook my head.

I don't belong to fucking anybody but myself.

He started grabbing on one of my boobs just squezzing it.

Tears flooded my eyes and all I wanted to do was scream my head off , why wasn't anybody coming to use the restroom or seeing any of this.

"YO GET THE FUCK OFF HER ," was all I heard before Leon recieved a punch to the face.

He fell to the floor and looked at me licking his busted lip.

"Next time yeah ," Leon said before getting up and running off.

I fell to the floor crying and someones arms pulled me to a hug and I just started crying more. I looked up to see Ryan and smiled the best I could.

"Thank you."

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