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Chapter 22- Where Is She?

Me and Kyle stood in front of the school by the gates waiting for Lisa. Where could she have been to really be taking that long we both even texts her early this morning so she could be on time.

"Well that's Lisa for you always late.''Kyle chuckled.

He jumped up and sat on the nearby wall.

''This is basically a everyday thing she is always late and Mrs.Smith doesn't really care because we're her star students."Kyle shrugged.

What does a girl do to make her take this long.

Me and Kyle joked a bit to waste time this dude was actually funny, Talking bout this girl look like a homeless rat as she walked by us and winked.

After a while Kyle started to worry.

''Alright now this is to the extreme she is never this late and if she wasn't coming she would have texts me she wasn't.''Kyle said jumping off the wall.

''She probably fell asleep.''I said scratching my head.

"I doubt it man lets go check on her,It's already 4th period she is always awake before ten it's like something she can't help."He said.

 I tried not to worry my girl is strong she can handle herself.

I hope.

We got on the train with a couple girls way in the thirties trying to flirt with us. Kyle pulled one of my dreads and I gave him a killer look.He laughed and pointed at one of the ladies toes.She had them nasty long shits that curled.


I couldn't even find it funny I was worried about Lisa, I hope she was just sleeping.We jumped off the train and started walking to her house.

''She is not answering her phone nor any of the texts.Lord what the fuck is going on I hope that nigga didn't touch her shittt.''

That so caught my attention, What nigga?

''Wait what did you say?''I said stopping in front of him.

''Oh.''Kyle said scratching his head.

''Don't oh me nigga what the fuck did you say?'' 

''I thought Lisa would tell you and now I know she didn't.''He mumbled.

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