Chapter -38

[Lisa P.o.v]°

Talk that talk°

"Big Man Ting Enrique Maurice House , drop Lisa Now ," Erica yelled as they chased him upstairs with me in his arms.

"Um , let me think about that," He said still running with me.

He jumped over Madison as she was cleaning upstairs by herself , it was her choice.

I laughed as she screwed him from the back.

"Enrique !" Kimberly yelled.

We got into his room and he shut the door and locked it.

"Erica yeah , I thought about it and the answer is no ," he laughed as they where on the other side of the door banging it hard as if they were going to knock it down.

I was scared now , but couldn't stop laughing. Nervous habit. I looked at him and bit my bottom lip as he watched me with a smirk playing on his face.

"What was all that talk earlier ?" He asked licking his teeth watching me intently.

I tried to make a run for it , but he grabbed me by the waist swinging me around.

I laughed once he had me pressed against his chest looking down at me .

He pushed me on top of the bed and climbed on top of me ," Where your girls at now huh?"he whispered in to my ear.

I giggled , then he bit on my neck. Slowly sucking & kissing it an I suppressed the moan that was dying to come out.

"You was talking like a big man in front of your girls now you so quiet,"he whispered into my ear biting on it lightly.

The moan escaped my lips and he chuckled.

I had a plan !

I pushed him lightly to let me sit up but he pushed me back down and kissed me gently. Which I turn into ruff , pushing him upward. I pulled up his shirt and he took it off breaking the kiss. I connected our lips again and straddled him feeling all over his chest , grinding my hips ever so slowly.

I got up off of him slowly teasing him lifting my shirt up then pulling it back down as I back up slowly opening the door.

I smiled up at him , then blew him a kiss. He looked at me biting his bottom lip.

I opened the door fully and ran out , Erica ,Kim , & Tori where on there way back up with a butter knife.

I laughed and yelled run.

They laughed and we ran back down the stairs , with Enrique behind us.

We ran through the kitchen and all the boys stopped whatever they where doing an stared.

"Get them ! " I heard Enrique yell and they all sprung into action to catch us. We manage to escape all of them and run into the pool house locking the door behind us.

"This day has become a game of Cat & Mouse," Tori laughed & we nodded our head.

"They Have Kyle Chasing us too , that crazy man," I laughed shaking my head.

"Why is Madison not joining in this fun ?" Tori asked randomly.

"She don't like me , I guess since ninth grade or year nine for y'all ," I chuckled , " I don't really no the reason why doe." I shrugged.

"That Bitch has always been like that her hoe ass," Erica said and Kim and I looked at her with a shocked expression , like isn't that her cousin.

"Erica & Madison don't exactly get along , when Madison lived in London she had this rumor go around that Erica was a Sket making Erica Boyfriend at the time break up with her in front of all their friends. Then three days later we find out Madison goes out with him. They fought! And hated each other ever since ,"Tori explained an Erica rolled her eyes.

So Madison is just an all around hoe.You move to the United States and you still a hoe? Shame !

"I don't care about her , after I kept the secret that she lost her Virginity when she was ten to that seventeen year old , she go and spread rumors bout me ! How bad mind is that ? I should tell Uncle,"She sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes.

Ten ! Dang. I'm not one to judge but is That even a proper age to really lose it at ?! Sheesh !

"My mum would have murdered me !" Kim said shocked.

"Curiosity killed her cat,"Tori said and I busted out laughing.

I Heard a noise and turned around , I laughed and screamed at the same time once I noticed Enrique & Dot coming in from the Pool House windows.

"Oh shit , Protect the Queen , Ladies,"Erica said and they surrounded me and I busted out laughing again.

"Wait don't let them get in," I ordered.

"Charge then?"Tori asked.

"Duh !" I laughed.

"Attack ! Protect Queen Lisa" Kim shouted as they ran to the windows to push the boys out...

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