My mom was 4 and half months pregnant and we actually got along well without the bastard stopping us.She has been making allot of food because she is like always hungry and she makes me eat with her because she doesn't want to seem fat.

All the food goes to my ass and thigh's.I wasn't fat but my ass grew so much.lol

''Mom I am out to school stay safe and don't let the strangers in they will still your ketchup.''I yelled grabbing my phone and my bag.

She was off  on maternity leave and so they was paying her to stay home until the baby was four months old for her to come back to work.Ketchup was her weird craving so she would get upset when we ran out of some, she put it in everything when I say everything I mean it like ice cream,Chocolate and Twinkies just straight up nasty.

''Don't worry Hun I got my butter knife I wanna see a nigga touch my ketchup.''She said from the kitchen.

I laughed and walked out the house.

Kyle called me as soon as I got on the train.

''Where are you girl?''Kyle asked as I answered the phone.

''That's how you say hello now?''

''My bad so where the fuck are you bitch?''He laughed.

''Did I ever tell you that you're a control freak?If I didn't it probably slipped my mined but you are and wait til I get there sheesh! bitch''

''School is almost over and you still come one minutes before the bell ring as always since 9th grade.Shame thought you would change!''I laughed.

''What I gotta be there early for ?''

''Enrique here!''

''Hurry up you stupid Train I got to get to school!''I yelled and Everyone on the train looked at me.

''What do you want a cookie?''I asked an old lady that was starring at me.She turned around in her seat to face the other way.

Kyle laughed.

''Aww you proper like him!''Kyle coo'ed.

''What is not to like he is sexy,smart and my type and he hasn't tried anything for the two months and two weeks we been going out for .''

Yeah I kept count so what.

''Your fucking weird only you would keep count do you know the hours and minutes too?''He laughed.

''Fuck you.''

''You probably  know the exact minute and everything when he asked you out.''

''Bye Kyle go mess with with your hoes.''

''I would be my boo doesn't go to school.''

Remember that boy at the Train station Kyle walked up to?Yeah they started going out like a month ago.I met him he is straight cool.

''Oh yeah Jamal.You and his theme song man is so live!''

''What theme song?''Kyle asked confused.

''Kyle and Jamal fucking in a Tree pushing and groaning While singing Abc's! Oh yeah yeah oh!''I sanged getting off the train with people staring.

Kyle laughed.''Daw only you would come up with something like that.''

I jumped on back laughing.

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