I  woke up in the early  in the morning and took a long shower got dress in some high waisted jeans my red and blue long sleeve top and my doc martens.I unlocked my door and walked out my room I went into the kitchen and got my self something to eat.

My mom must have still been sleeping because she is usually up and cooking breakfast for herself and my dad. I toasted some bread then put butter on it and took a glass of orange juice from the fridge.

I ate it as I heard footstep coming done the stairs.My mother walked into the kitchen looking at me and sucking her teeth.

'The least you could do was make me some breakfast  you good for nothing child.'She spat.

I slide the plate across the table to her with my other piece of toast that I hadn't touched on it.She looked at it then spit on then threw it at my face.

'Dirty child why would you think I would want you're leftovers do I look like some sort of pig to you.'She said sucking her teeth.

'Bitch.'I mumbled under my breath.

I took a napkin and whiped my face as she went in the fridge to take out some eggs and bread.She started making some toast then boiled her eggs.

'Why are you still infront of me get lost go find your butt something to do I don't want you in my presence! Leave before I throw hot water at you.'She yelled as she skrewed me.

I washed my plate and my cup before I left I walked into the living room taking my house phone in hand. I called Kyle to tell him I was coming over and had nothing to do.

I grabbed my sidebag and told my mom that I was leaving she just ignored me as she sat in her room watching her soap opera's.

I took the train and when I got to kyle's house a boy came out.He skrewed me as i walked up to kyle and gave hime a hug kyle just laughed and lead me inside waving the boy off.

'Who was that.'I said smiling at him.

'Him oh that is nobody important.'He said laughing.

'Mhm that's probabily was your boyfriend.'I said causing him to burst out laughing.

'Ewww naw he  too ugly to be my boyfriend and he has no type of swagg his riped jeans were not cute on him eww you tried me lisa I have better taste then that.' He laughed.

'Then who was that?'

'My neighbor he came to tell me he has a crush on me for a long time and I told him I don't feel the same way and plus he is like 15 and I'm 17  were so far apart.'He said shrugging his shoulders.

'Kyle your so mean you probabily was his first crush and now you broke his heart he is probabily at home crying himself to sleep.' I said hitting his shoulder.

'Ahh whatever but what happen to your cheek it's all red.' He said rubbing it sofly making me winch from the pain.

'Damn it looks like someone hit the shit out of you babygirl hold on let me get some peas.'He said going to the freezer and getting some peas and placing it on my face.

'Ahh that hurts.'

'Well what happen to your cheek then.'He said placing my hand over the peas so I could hold it.

I thought of a lie the many lies I tell kyle about all the marks and bruises I get from my parents.

' I hurt myself doing something at my house.'I lied.

He looked at me questionly raising his eyebrow.

"What?" I looked up at him.

"Nothing. I mean dude come on. You have bruises all up on your face and you telling me you was just doing something in the house. Shit, whatever you was doing must have been serious," He said.

'It's nothing really don't worry about.'

'Lisa are you serious  man look at you.'He said pulling up my sleeves and revealing old bruises that my mother had done that still had not gone away.

'Is there something you ain't telling me? Do you have a nigga and is he beating on you?'He said looking at me serious faced.

I looked at him hesitant to speak he is my bestfriend I could trust him not to tell him right?

'Um my mother...she... hits...on me.'I said and that is really the first time  I said that to anyone I never really told anyone about me being abuse or molested just kepy everything to myself.

When I looked at Kyle's face I could tell he was in utter shock and couldn't believe what I had just told him his face went from sad to pitty to mad in seconds.

'What the fuck no parent has the right to hurt their own child the way they do you! Is she serious ugh you need to get help.'He said taking me into a hug.

'No I am fine it's nothing really  I can handle myself.'I said smiling at him.

'Lisa look at yourself your bruised from top to bottom and trying to hide it with long clothing you need help.'He said as he rubbed my arm.

'I'm fine okay just leave it alone damn Kyle.'

He just shook his head and change the subject.

'Well hun do you want something to eat.'He said walking into the kitchen with me following him.


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