It was one o'clock when I finally fell asleep but not after constantly checking outside if anybody was watching my house. The man had finally left and I was happy at least for the moment.

I woke up from my phone alarm and grabbed my towel and went to take a shower.After mt shower I creamed down my body and then went to brush my teeth.

Weird order I know.

I put on some black shorts and a yellow crop top. I comb my hair into a high pony tail, then sprayed some perfume on. I looked in the mirror and smiled I look decent enough. I grabbed my bag and filled it with all the homework that was due today and some of my books.

I slipped on my yellow vans and put in my gold small hoop earrings.

I grabbed my bag and went downstairs. My mom must have still been sleeping , she's been tired alot lately.

I got an apple from the bowl full of fruits that was on the island and started eating it. My phone vibrated.

Enrique: Good Morning Beautiful I will be waiting for you at the Entrance of the school.

Me: Good Morning Babe and aww what a Gentlemen.

Enrique: Well I do try ; )

Kyle: Morning Child ! Get up and start walking before you late ! -Waiting at our usual spot.

Me: I'm awake and ready Kyle, hold your horses dammit !

Kyle: Alright try my patience and you gon' see my foot up your rear. Fish 'ead

Me: Whatever Turtle

My girlfriend*Kim*: Lisa Babe!

I felt special everyone wanna text.

Me: Kim Babe!

My girlfriend*Kim*: I see my prayers have worked my wife is safe.

Me: Aww thank you.

My girlfriend*Kim*: Get your ass to school young lady.

Me: Wah? How you know I'm still home?

My girlfriend*Kim*: A wife always knows ; )

Me: STALKER! I'm on my way out.

My girlfriend*Kim*: Good Wife! Love you bye.

Me: Buh Bye Love !

I finished off my apple and threw it away.

''Bye Mom!'' I yelled as I Left the house throwing my keys into my bag.

I put my headphones into my ear and started listen to ''Nicki Minaj- Save Me''

I drove for miles 
Just to find
You and find myself
All these screams
All these voices
In my head
You gave me strength
Gave me hope
For a lifetime
I never was satisfied

This time won't you save me
This time won't you save me
Baby I can feel myself givin up
Givin up
This time won't you save me
This time won't you save me
Baby I can feel myself givin up
Givin up

It's not your fault
I'm a bitch
I'm a monster
Yes I'm a beast
And I feast
When I conquer
But I'm alone
On my throne
All these riches
I came this way
All this way
Just to say hey

I was walking toward the Subway, it was only a block away. Something was telling me there was someone behind me. I turned around to see a black Man all blacked out with a receding hair line. Who the hell was he and why was he following me ?!

I started walking Faster but he kept with my pace. Suddenly I was on the ground, I was so worried about what was behind me I didn't focus on what was in front of me. It was an ugly looking white man that was in front of me with a huge gap. He smiled at me with an evil grin.

''Fuck'', I said underneath my breath.

I got up, but the ugly white man pushed me back down with much force.

Damn I'm fucked two against one!

''Some wants to see you beautiful,''the ugly white man said before the black guy placed something on my nose and I started to drift and fade away in nothingness.

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