All I need . {End of Book 1}

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Chapter -40

[Lisa P.o.v]

All I Need .

No matter how strong and independent people are, we all need someone to lean on at key stages in life.-Unknown.

Its funny how hello is accompanied with goodbye, its funny how good memories can start to make you cry, its funny how forever never seems to last, its funny how much you'd lose if you forgot about your past, its funny how friends can just leave when your down, its funny how when you need someone they're never around, its funny how people change and think they're so much better, its funny how many lies are packed into one love letter, its funny how one night can contain so much regret, its funny how you can forgive but never forget, its funny how ironic life turns out to be the funniest part of all, is none of that is funny to me.-Unknown

I woke up with an Ugly feeling.Them feelings you get when today is going to be a bad day , yeah one of those.

It was the day of Dot's Drink up and I had set up an outfit and all. I was ready to party with boo. I got off my bed and heard crying. I sighed deeply walking out of my room in to the twins room.

Xion was crying as usual , full diaper.

I picked him up and went on a search for my mother. I looked in her room , bathrooms , kitchen but couldn't find this woman anywhere.

What the actual fuck you know !

I went back in to the room , changed his diaper and gave the little fat boy some milk. They were now three months and tomorrow would make them four.They could somewhat keep their head up & could roll , like proper roll around. It was quite cute and funny. They stayed awake alot longer now and more active.

Xion was the Hype baby ,While all Liam did was sleep most of the time unless he was hungry , he didn't even wake up when he had a full diaper. I don't have a favorite between them yet its hard to choose cause their so adorable man.

I Laid him back in his cot , placed a blanket on the Floor. I took Xion out of the Cot and put him on the Blanket with me. He was making baby noises as I held him up to my face. He grabbed my nose trying to pull it off and I laughed. I didn't really have to worry cause Dot's Drink up starts at 6-3a.m and it was only two in the after noon. I let Xion roll around on the blanket laughing at his cuteness as I made him a bottle with his formula. I scooped him into my arms and gave the fatty his bottle. Once he was done I changed his pissy diaper and rocked him to sleep then placing him back into his cot. I picked up the blanket and put it in there dirty bin.

I was just about to walk out when I heard giggling. I back up to Liam's cot and he was just staring at the ceiling that had blue bears with his hand I'm his mouth. Too adorable ! I didn't even know he was awake , I picked him up and he smelled real bad.

"Yuck. Damien you stink," I said and he smiled at me , waving his hands wildly about.

I changed his diaper , and he had a rash. I sighed an had to take a mental note to buy rash cream for him but as for now I put baby powder on it.

I picked him up and walked in to my room with him. He was busy trying to be nosy looking around. I put him on my bed on his stomach. He held his head up and held hisself up on his arm rocking and giggling. I laughed sitting by him.

I seriously needed to take a shower , It was now three and I was still in Enrique's clothes. Don't judge me , I fell asleep after that long fun day yesterday. I was not about to leave Liam on the bed on his own or put him in his cot to be lonely that's mean.

I played with him for awhile then decided to take him a bath , I took off his clothes and he pee'd right before I took off his diaper. Close call. He was so cute as was Xion , they both had that idiot mans eyes. Hazel eyes but shaped like my mothers , button nose and a head full of brown curly hair. I still wonder all the time why I'm the only one with green eyes , but I guess that sorta why I was partially the outcast of this family.

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