Lisa P.o.v

All Clean

We had just finished cleaning the living room floor and it was all sparkly clean and nice. The fresh pineapple pinesol had this place smelling extra fresh.

It was only four girls doing the living room and we still manage to finish first before the boys that were doing the Kitchen.

It was me , Kimberly , Erica & Victoria. Erica & Tori were Enrique's cousin that came to visit from London since they where on break it being summer an all.

They offered to help and Kim and I accepted , since the place was all covered with mud we were not going to do it by ourselves , and with their help we got done twice as faster then it would have took us.

I took off my rubber gloves , throwing them inside the bucket filled with rags & sponges, then took a seat on the couch with the rest of them. I stretched and yawned , and Kim busted out laughing.

"What was that?"

"I yawned , what?" I asked confused.

"That wasn't no yawn ! That was a straight up moan," Victoria yelled laughing her ass off.

I put my hand on my forehead an shook my head.

These girls mind's are so tarnished with dirty thoughts.

"That's how she be moaning for Enrique you know , bare screaming his name loud too ! I know y'all heard her earlier," Erica said on the floor laughing.

I could feel my cheeks turn red and I hid my face behind my hands.

"She not denying it either ha," Kim added.

"No , it ain't even like that he bit my breast bare hard and it hurt," I explained in my defense.

"MHM we believe you hun," Erica replied.

Enrique's Mum came walking in from the front door and Erica jumped up and stopped her before she fully all the way in.

"No offense Aunty , but I know you see how clean we did the living room you better take off your heels before they leave prints,"Erica demanded and Enrique's mum just laughed.

"Child , put your but on di couch bout take off me heels you crazy," she laughed walking right pass Erica going straight into the Kitchen.

Victoria , Kim & I busted out laughing once she was gone.

"She Lucky she didn't leave prints it would have been me & her after all this work she made us do," Erica hissed.

"Sure , Aunty would have gave you one good box to the face, k.O," Tori laughed.

"Why don't we move those buckets before some some dunce knocks it over since they still have water in them. I feel like some idiot is going to do that." Kim said and we agreed.

Before we even got up , Enrique busted through the Kitchen door laughing his ass off , running from whatever was going down in there and Knocked one of the buckets over !

"And let it be Known that Enrique is the Idiot to knock it over,"Kim said screwing him.

"You Dirty infected Pussy Clot , Like what the Fuck you can't watch your step ?" Erica questioned angrily.

"Aw my bad love,"He laughed looking down at the floor with water he spilled.

"Yes it is your bad , and you know what you gon' clean it," Tori said pointing to the spilled water.

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