Chapter 21 - It was Him !

I woke up blind folded, I could feel my hands were tied, sitting on a chair but every time I moved it squeaked. I tried to move my legs but they were tied too. Was this some sick kind of joke. I started to panic moving my hands so I could get then out of whatever that was holding them. My mouth was sorta taped so I couldn't scream from any sort of help. My chair squeaked louder every time I wiggled to free my hands. This should be alot easier if I could see.

I heard footsteps so I froze in place. So scared of what might happen I started crying.

I heard a deep chuckle, and then someone was standing, in front of me. My breathing became heavy I was scared, no doubt who wouldn't be if they just got kidnapped. 

The person put their hands on my cheek rubbing it softly, their hand was ruff against my cheek. I wanted to bite the persons hand, but I couldn't. My blind fold was removed but I close my eyes cause the light was hurting my eyes. When I opened them my breathing got ruff, the man who I hate with all my gut was standing in front of me smirking. He licked his lips staring at my body. I looked down at my self I was fully clothed. My arms were tied to the back of the chair each of my feet were tied to a foot of the chair. Whoever tied me up was making sure I couldn't move. My tears came down my face. I'm scared I want my best friend, I should have went and got help when Kyle told me too. 

"Why are you crying baby, you didn't miss daddy?" He asked smiling at me. 

Hell the fuck no I didn't miss his ass. 

I shook my head more tears running down my face. 

What did he want from me didn't he move on and left me and my mom with that women I saw him with. Why does he still want me I'm a nobody. 

"Aw that's a shame because I missed you like mad."  

He was mad ! 

He kissed my cheek then went down to my neck and licked it and bit it.  

Noo I wanted to scream but my mouth was taped so I started wiggling like a mad person. 

He moved his head from my neck and smiled at me, I looked away from his gaze. 

I had psycho for a father. 

I looked around not making eye contact. It seems as if we were in a warehouse, there was blood stains in the concrete I knew it wasn't mine. He viciously grabbed my face hard with so much anger. 

"Look at me bitch." I still didn't look at him I looked behind him and noticed a door. That was one way out just needed to get untied. 

He slapped me and again demanded for attention. Still I didn't give it to him and found another door. 

He punched me, and oh did it hurt so I looked at him with so much anger, tears still running down my face. I hate him, I didn't know people could hate like I hated him, he was shit in my eyes that even the flies didn't want to eat. 

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