I'm Sorry

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I texted Dot and Amy both of them getting on my nerves because I really didn't want to be bothered and they both were pissing me off with trying to make a long conversation out of nothing.

I felt her eyes on me and smiled at my phone trying to make it seem like I was happy from a silly text.

Amy: My Graduation is dull hope yours is more fun then mines :')

Me: Why the fuck are you still texting me ?! This Convo was post to end when you said Congrats on Graduating and I replied thanks ! Bye Sket !

I looked up to see her walking away towards the bathroom and shook my head.

I turn to see Kyle talking with his mother.

I justwanted to kill him so bad at the moment , his father got me so vexed but the thing is I don't know for sure if any of it was true or was he trying to make his son seem like a big man.

I know for damn well if it's true I'm gonna whoop somebody ass.

Dot: His ol'boy said that     !

Me: Yeah , I don't know whether to believe or not !

Dot: Don't ! Cause she don't seem like the type ...

Me:  Just cause she don't seem doesn't mean she isn't !

Dot: Truee , but have faith she does you good !

Me: Man fuck you get off mi in-box ! sound like some beg bye.

Carmello came over to me shaking his head , then slapped me in the back of the head.

"What the fuck ,I'll whoop your ass in front of this crowd nigga," I said rubbing the back of my head.

"Can I Have her ? Man fuck that  I'll take her cause you certainly acting like a dumb shit ,"Carmello said.

"Take who from me ?"

"Lisa you dumb shit the gyal is to perfect for you  ya know , it's like all the other gyals done fuck up you thoughts and you can't see when you have a perfectly good one in front of you,"he said seriously.

"Man get the fuck up out my face with that," I said shoving him.

"Naw listen breh you got to stop being all hot headed and shit and face the situation head on , But Lisa is changing you slowly and you can't even see," Carmello said shaking his head.

"Changing me ? How?" I asked confused.

"With her your easily more protective and I know for damn sure you wasn't like that with Monica , hell you didn't even give a fuck when she got jumped. Your more jealous now ,you hate the fact that she has a male best friend and that your not the only guy she talks to I meaning friend wise.You hate when she stands next to Jahmaury that understandable cause he a fuckboy but when she was with the photographer you look like you where going to turn in to the hulk himself,"he said and I rolled my eyes.

"What your point,"I said.

"My point is that all that shit Kyle father was talking earlier was shit and you mad over shit , and you need to go be with your girl cause she is actually a keeper and I told you this from the very beginning if you don't want her I might have to take her. As of right now you need to calm your hot head ass down and go get your girl.And your suppose to be older , I think someone lien,"He said sucking his teeth on the last bit.

It was hard to admit but he was right I was acting childish and have to straighten up.

"Thanks bro , good looking out," I said giving him a brotherly hug.

"Get the fuck off me man and go to Lisa ," he pushed me off and I laughed.

I was on the wrong being mad with out letting her give her side and with leaving her in the dark to make it seem like she did something wrong.

I walked the same way I saw her go and stopped in my tracks.There backs was faced me and all I seen was him in her arm and I got heated.

"Lisa !" I yelled pissed as fuck walking toward him and her.

She pulled away from his embrace slowly to look at me and she had tears streaming down her face.

Seeing those tears calm me down and I was more remorseful then angry.

Was I the reason she was crying?

 I ran the rest of the way and took her from the dude screwing him.

"What happen babe?" I asked holding her.

"L - L - L - Leon t-t-tried t-to rape me b-but Ryan came and saved me,"she stuttered.

"Fuck !" I said aloud.

I was real tired of that nigga!

He tries to ruin everything once it has just gotten good.

I need to find and kill this dude.

Enough of his bull shit.

I looked over to the Ryan guy and nodded my head at him."Thanks for saving my girl."

"It was nothing I wouldn't do for anyone else in need," he said.

"Thanks again Ryan,"Lisa said.

"Just be careful alright,"he said and she nodded.

 He left and I looked at Lisa.

"I'm so sorry I was mad , it was dumb and foolish of me and because of my stupid actions I left you un watched and you were almost taken again from me , and I am truly sorry babe," I said kissing her on the forehead.

"It's not your fault,"she sniffed.

"Yes it is , I was being hot headed and didn't even think to tell you why and be mad at you for no reason with out even knowing if it's true or not and for that I am sorry," I said.

"Stop apologizing , how where you suppose to know? I understand you had other girls that where unfaithful to you so you sort of expect me to be to so I understand,"she said.

"No that's not the case I should have had more trust in you , instead of letting Kyles dad talk me in to anger," I said kissing her forehead.

"B-" I just cut her off and kissed her on the lips.

"Let's just put this out of our mind and continue with our day like nothing happen alright,"I said pecking her lips.

"Alright,"she said smiling at me with her dimples showing.

We walked back to the group and I made her go sit with Kimberly for a sec while I talked to Carmello.

"I don't care what we must do but I want her father dead,"I said walking up to Mello.

"What happen?"he asked.

"He tried to rape her on her way back from the bathroom and the photographer dude save her and Leon made a run for it," I said angrily.

"Is she alright?"he asked worried.

"Yeah the dude came right before Leon did any real damage to her."

"So what we going to do ?'' Mello asked.

"I don't Know but all I know is next time him and I meet he's a dead man."


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