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Contract revenge  by heyitsbubble
Contract revenge by Bubble✨
Isabella Clark is one of the most successful model in world wide, she is very beautiful and sweet. She has a good reputation around the celebrity world where she likes t...
  • handsome
  • billionaire
  • fakelove
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You wish you knew me now (editing) by vintage
You wish you knew me now (editing)by vintage
Mariah was raped, bullied, abused and rejected by her own mate. Her own flesh and blood never cared about her, made her life hell. But once she gets kicked out of her...
  • mate
  • rejection
  • model
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Blind Date by 8Renee
Blind Dateby Sarah Renee
~1st Runner-up in Romance in the Literally Lit Literature awards 2018~ Tatianna's last breakup may have been the worst breakup of a lifetime. Not only did her fiance...
  • love
  • secondchances
  • story
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The Boxer and the Model (Kendall x OC) by Bolox2541
The Boxer and the Model (Kendall Bolox2541
Josh Tyler is the future promise of the middleweight division. His dream is to be the champion. But what happens when he meets a certain model?
  • kendall
  • jenner
  • boxing
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The Model's Bodyguard (Romantic Suspense) [COMPLETED] by JasmineDahlia
The Model's Bodyguard (Romantic Jasmine Greene
Supermodel Mila Belvedere never expected her predictable life of fame, photo shoots, and flashing lights to take such drastic turns. Never would she have guessed that he...
  • protector
  • nyc
  • agent
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Daddy by theycallmebabyy
Daddyby BABY
One word, that's all it took. One simple word that would change the life of many. "Daddy?!" Ranked: #1 - Bieber Fanfic
  • murder
  • baby
  • romance
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Anticipation. by QueenGoldChainz
#7 Key
Life is like a game of Russian Roulette. You win or you lose. There's no in between.
  • drama
  • fanfic
  • fanfiction
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What He Left Behind by georginalmw
What He Left Behindby georginalmw
Noah Anderson had everything: a career as an actor, millions of fans, the good looks, and a beautiful girlfriend who thought the world of him. But for him, that wasn't e...
  • sad
  • family
  • trouble
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The Undercover Victoria's Secret Model  by cindynguyennn
The Undercover Victoria's Secret cindy♕
Gigi Hadid - A bubbly beautiful model, also Victoria's Secret #1 model. Macy Kingsley - A nerdy bookworm that only has two best friends. What's the difference? Well they...
  • model
  • love
  • zaynmalik
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BLSC #1 : The Undercover Model by beyondlocks
BLSC #1 : The Undercover Modelby Janice Martana
BLSC #1 Andrew Samuel The most popular guy at school , handsome , play soccer and a player of course. You can call him a smart head but not in Biology , Math and Chemist...
  • beyondlocks
  • cute
  • highschool
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Trail Marriage Husband: Need to work hard (Part1) by ettaxf
Trail Marriage Husband: Need to Bibliophile💕
The night before their wedding, her fiancee ran off with his mistress. Out of frustration, she grabbed the man standing in front of the Civil Affairs Office, "Presi...
  • romance
  • billionaire
  • entertainmentindustry
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*Published* Accidental Babies (SAMPLE)  by saiidah
*Published* Accidental Babies ( Saiyidah Rahman
*SAMPLE* Published on 27 Jan 2019, up on Amazon Jason Halloway had a hard time finding a nanny for his recently acquired 9 month old twins, Daphne and Tanner.They hated...
  • romance
  • twins
  • overweight
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I'm a Model that's Undercover as The School's Nerd by KittyKattt_
I'm a Model that's Undercover as Ambria Rayne
**You can currently find the beginning of the rewritten version on my profile here on Wattpad.** What would you do if you lived the life as Clover Thompson: the nerd du...
  • mystery
  • theundercoversaga
  • victoriasecret
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The Undercover Model by nerdelicious
The Undercover Modelby nerdelicious
When your a nerd nobody really looks at you, so what happens when a supermodel takes that advantage in highschool so no one will recognize her? Amy Sanders is your typic...
  • nerd
  • exposed
  • teen
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Mr. Gilinsky - Jack Gilinsky by uglyratjack
Mr. Gilinsky - Jack Gilinskyby uglyratjack
A young school student and her hot English teacher get into a very complicated relationship. A jack Gilinsky fanfiction.
  • boyfriend
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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For The Love Of Food |NY•2 ✅  by JessicaMorel0
For The Love Of Food |NY•2 ✅ by Jess M.
Mark Jacobs is a Chef with three Michelin Stars after his name. He is head chef and owner of a fancy New York Restaurant and is best friends with a Billionaire Journalis...
  • bjandharper
  • model
  • fashion
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dive // david dobrik by sadevents
dive // david dobrikby bitch
"personally, i think you're an overhyped, self-absorbed, attention seeking piece of shit" "personally, i think no one gives a fuck" // in which they...
  • scottysire
  • model
  • daviddobrik
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Wild Thoughts | Taehyung | ✓ by jinownsmyass
Wild Thoughts | Taehyung | ✓by rAfiOli
❝When I'm with you, Sora, all I get is wild thoughts.❞ - In which a girl gets offered a modelling contract by the owner of the notorious designer brand V, Kim Taehyung...
  • yoongi
  • wattys2018
  • model
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Retweet || Jikook ✓ by xparksoox
Retweet || Jikook ✓by *˚✧₊ ⁎⁺˳✧༚
❝ Would you even date someone who wasn't a model? ❞ #Completed _______________ media!au Ranked #1: Chanel Ranked #2: JungkookXJimin Ranked #4: JiminXJungkook Ranked #9:...
  • bangtan
  • fluff
  • jeongguk
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Torn | Lil Skies by lollbre
Torn | Lil Skiesby Bre ♡
In which two friends are torn between being friends or more. SHORT STORY SOCIAL MEDIA BOOK! #137 in artist on 9/23/18 #1 in Blogger on 9/30/18 #29 in Instagram on 1/16...
  • blogger
  • youtube
  • lilskies
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