I been thinking bout you...

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I got home home I was very happy no one was home I don't know why and I Frankly didn't give two fucks.It was about 1 in the morning and I have school in like 6 hours so I took a hot shower scrubbing my body getting rid of dirt and got out and threw on some pj.Then started cleaning my room I don't know why but  I couldn't sleep I was thinking about Enrique the whole time which put a smile on my face.My room was spotless I locked my door and jumped on my bed I pink teddy bear and hug it to sleep like I do every night.


My alarmed rong and  I bang on it until I finally hit the snooze button.I got up and took a shower and brushed my teeth then creamed my body.For some reason I started thinking about Enrique I smiled then rolled my eyes at myself.How can I like someone I barley know?

I threw on my dark green scooby doo shirt dark jeans and dark green doc martens and my no sleeve jean jacket.I looked in the mirror at my messy curly hair I flat ironed then put it in a messy bun.I was please with how I looked so I went down stairs and saw my mom making coffee.I took a deep breath and walk into the kitchen.

'Morning.' I mumbled.

'Morning.'She said giving me a weak smile.That was the weirdest thing I've seen in my life.

She smiled at me?

I shook it off doe.

She had bags under her eyes and her eyes were bloodshot red like she hadn't slept in days she looked hurt and confused. Part of me wanted to laugh at her but another part of me felt sorry for her ugh she was a bad mother but I cared for her non the less.But for right now I wanted to see her suffer she made me mad yesterday fuck her.

She had made herself breakfast and there was already an empty plate next to hers so I was guessing that man ate his food and left to work.She ate her food and I grabbed two pancakes from the freezer heated it up then poured syrup on it and ate it she watched me in disgust.

I didn't care.

She waited until I was done to talk.

'What you said was out of line yesterday!'She scolded.

'But I was right doe.'I replied biting into an apple.

'You are a good for nothing little brat and you don't appreciate-'She stopped mid sentence and turned around to the sink and threw up everything she just ate.I rolled my eyes but went to take her hair out of her face while she was throwing up.She started coughing and shitt making me scared as hell then pushed me making my back hit the island hard.

'Fuck.'I mumbled.

'Don't touch me I don't need you help.'She cried as she threw up more of her breakfast.

Ugh she was so fucking annoying why can't she just let me help her.

I rolled my eyes and took my keys and bag and walked out the house fuck her and her nonsense.


I got off the train and walked to school when I got there Kyle was waiting in front of the school for me wearing almost exactly the same thing but had on black doc martens and a black dextor's laboratory shirt.I laughed and ran to go hug him.I love this boy to the core he is awesome.He swung me around and kissed my forehead.

'Hi Kyle.'I said smiling at him.

'I see two great mind think alike.'He said  looking at my outfit.I smiled.

'I look better so don't get  too happy about yourself.'I said and he laughed and slapped me.

'You need to come back to reality I look way better then your old greasy ass.'I laughed.

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