(Enrique P.o.v)

Clean up.

I woke up to knocking on my room door and rubbed my eyes.

I don't even know when I fell asleep.

I moved Lisa's hand out of my hair, that must have made me fall asleep, niggah I get drowsy when a girl plays in my hair it's like I don't even know the feel it just makes you feel so relaxed you know .

I got up stretching my hands and legs , Lisa shifted a little now she was laying on her side in a fetal position. I smiled then went to the door and unlocked it and cracked it open a bit to see the persons face , I was trying to be Mindful that Lisa still was in her bikini from the pool earlier. Alright I lied she had a wedgie and her ass was like all out and and exposed , I was trying so hard to control myself and believe me this was hard Lisa ass is huge man big and perky.

"Alright Enrique I know Lisa is in there with you let me talk to her now gosh," Kimberly insisted with her hands folded across her chest.

"See the way her schedule is set up is that its my time with her," I said with a huge smirk.

"Enrique shit man let me talk to her it's gone be quick ," she replied trying not to laugh.

"She sleep come back later Kim," she looked at me and rolled her eyes and went stomping away back to Carmello's room.

Aww I swear her and Mello doing a Ting but I swear she with that other youth Mello don't like what's his name ... Jahmaury yeah him. I think his mum was trying to be clever naming him Jahmaury instead of January smh.

I closed the door and locked it ,an jumped back in bed with Lisa. My bed was soaked from all the water from my swim shorts and Lisa's hair an I was gonna have to turn it over later. I thought about changing but forgot about that , I pulled Lisa closer to me an cuddled up so her back was to my front.

I went back to sleep holding Li close to my chest , man she was warm.


My mum was parring our lives.

She had us clean her house from top to bottom and when I tried to tell her it wasn't me she told me ; "Enrique get lost you twot , you and your friends pissed me off when y'all dragged in mud from the front yard all around my nice clean house," she kissed her teeth and walked away from me.

Rude woman !

She called me Twot doe !

It was all my boys , two three of my cousins , Carmello , Madison , Kyle ,Lisa & Kim cleaning the house on there knees scrubbing the floor. I was walking around acting like I was doing something passing by Lisa every now and again to kiss her cheek. I walked in the kitchen, all the boys seem to have picked to do the kitchen and the girls where in the living room. I walked over to Simoe and knocked over his bucket , he left my team for Kimberly's team this niggah fall victim to a pretty face.

Dumb twot.

He looked at me and screwed me.

"Clean that up man , my mum wants it sparkly clean," I said smiling at him.

"Aye don't Fuck with my niggah doe," Carmello said pushing me from the back.

"So you a traitor now huh bro?!" I laughed ," Damn what about blood is thicker than water, and it seem to me you on water side.

He laughed picked up a bucket and through the water , I dodged it an the water went all over File who was minding his own business.

"Oh hell now!" He yelled grabbing his bucket of water an threw it on Carmello.

"Ahh shit , why the Fuck your water so cold ," Carmello screamed.

My mum came in the Kitchen and I hid behind josh my cousin.

"What the Fuck is going on?" She questioned.

"En-"Mello started but was cut off by my mum throwing a spoon at his head , I ran out the Kitchen without being seen laughing my ass off...

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