I laughed.I couldn't stop laughing Kyle was killing me.

'Man he's gay he's gay he's gay he's gay he's gay he's gay oh and I know for god damn sure that he gay.'Kyle said pointing out boys at the train station.

'Kyle stop pointing!And how do you know?'I asked trying to control my laughter.

'I got gaydar.'He said smiling at me.'Plus look at them and how they dress,walk and stand and omg look at him I think I want me some of him.'He said biting on his bottom lip staring at some boy.

I looked over to where the boy he was staring at was sitting and Kyle was not lying that boy was super fine he had a nice fresh hair cut with a khacki benie on some khacki jeans man his swag was just original so I can hardly explain it.He was sitting there alone waiting for the train looking at his phone and texting I guess.

'I should go get his number.'He said smiling at me.

'See now I no you had to much to drink.'I said laughing at him.

He rolled his eyes then started to walk towards the boy. The boy was looking at his phone when Kyle came by him.He looked up at Kyle and raised his eye brow.Right at this moment I was hoping that Kyle gaydar was working right because that boy looked straight to me.I could see his face clearly now since he looked up from his phone his eyes where a nice shade of light brown he had to slites in each eye brow.I watch them conversate and the boys face change from confused to a frown to a smile showing off his deep dimples.

Kyle turned around and walked towards me then we jump on the train since it now decided to show up.

'So is he gay?What his name?How old is he and you sure he ain't straight?Oh did you get his number?'I asked question after question.

'Of course he's gay.'He rolled his eyes.'His name Jamal he is 18 turning 19 in to weeks and I am so sure he's gay plus he told me that why I got his number.'He said waving his phone in the air smiling.I laughed.

Well that's cool for you Kyle. Kyle and Jamal fucking in a true pushing and groaning while sanging their ABC's.'I sang.

Kyle burst out laughing banging on a wall next to him making an old lady get up to move a couple chairs farther down from us.

'Daw I swear you is so dumb sometimes like where the fuck did that come from?'He said when he was able to catch his breath.I shruged.

'Oh well I saw you with Enrique you was dancing all up on him that's a first I seen you dance with any other nigga  beside me.'He said smiling at me.

I punched him right in the arm.'You set me up you so set up.'I laughed.

'You know you wanted to dance with him I just made it easier for you and told him you were shy so he should just sneak up on you and dance with you.'He said smiling.

'Fuck you Kyle.'I laughed and rolled my eyes.

'Girl you know you had fun you was all up on him grinding on him and shit I know you saw his hard on he got from dancing with you.'He said trying  to grind on air.'But damn that boy is packing.'

I bursted out laughing.'Man Kyle shut up.'

We got of the train and started walking the rest of the way to my house.

'I know you had fun doe.'He said smiling at me as we walked.

'You looked like you had more fun.'I teased.

He scrunched up his noise.'Besides you all them other girls narni's stink like they haven't taken a shower in day I know they mother pays the damn bill they need to wash they ass cause that shit ain't cute bare dancing on  man dick an your narni smells like rottin fish and shit no home training.'He said with his jamican accent  I bursted out laughing Kyle was too rude but told the straight truth if you liked it or not.

'Oh I saw madison at de dance she wus trying to dance pon mi an shit but I pushed har aside.She try an talk to mi har breath stink an she smelt lacka a dead goat trying to dance pon me.I told har mi mom wus calling mi an ran.Shim a soh desperate still, she didn't learn har lesson fram dat video.'He said sucking his teeth.

I was dieing  of laughter like Omg he told her his mom was calling him like she came to the party and shit with him like Kyle is seriously to much, saying she smell like a dead goat.I was laughing so hard tears were coming from my eyes.

He rolled his eyes at me.'What did you and Enrique do when ya left outside.'He teased as he wriggled his eye brows.

'Nothing just talked and got to know more about each other he is like nice and rude like he told that girl at the party she stink it was funny doe.'I chuckled.'And I learn that he from London he got the most sexyass accent ever.'I said smiling.

'I thought you said my accent was the sexiest.'He said faking like he was hurt.Yeah Kyle is from London too.But his parents from trinadad so like he has that  little accent to his voice and it's super cute.

'Yeah your accent  is cute and all but you gay when you say something sexy I have to think twice about jumping on you and sucking your mouth dry.'

He busted out laughing.''If you was to try and kiss me I would bust you in your mouth.'I laughed.

'My lips would be the reason you would become straight boy don't hate.'I laughed.

'He rolled his eyes but laughed.

I felt like someone was watching us I turned around but didn't see any one and Kyle looked at me with a raised eye brow.

'What the hell you looking for?'

'I feel paranoid I feel like some looking at us.' He looked around and shook his head.

'Your imagining thing.'He laughed.

'I guess.'I know for damn sure I wasn't imaging things.

We stopped infront of my house  and I gave Kyle a hug.

'Thanks Kyle your the best.

'No problem I wasn't gonna do nothing at home anyways so yeah bye.He said kissing my forehead.'See your big head at school tomorrow.He said smiling at me.

'Bye jerk.'I said walking inside my house.

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