Me and Kyle left Enrique's house and dropped me home because it was starting to get late.It was around 7 something when I walked into my house it smelled so good I walked into the kitchen and my mother was making dinner. I looked around confused she never made dinner before well not since I had learned how tocook for myself, she made egg salad, rice, chicken,green beans and for desert cheese cake.

I looked at the food trying to figure what was going on she finally turned around and smiles at me so I smiled back.

"Hey hunny how is it going."She smiled turning back to the food mixing the green beans.

"What's the occasion."I asked as my stomach began to rumble.

"There has to be an occasion for me to cook for my family?"She questioned.
"Now sit down and lets eat."She placed a plate of food infront of me and sat down across from me.

I eyed the food a little scared to eat it.What if she poisoned it?

"I didn't poison it now eat."She said like she knew what I was thinking I took my spoon and took a small bit of the rice. I actually forgot how good my mom food was I started taking huge bits it taste so good. She smiled at me and laughed, we finished our food and we started talking like were friends I even told her about Kyle she told me she wanted to meet him.It was weird that we connected and stuff something I thought I would never do with my mom.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"She asked randomly.

"Nope never had one." I lied looking away from her.Enrique instantly came to my mind and I smiled.
"Oh.Well I head my first boyfriend when I was 15." She said smiling.
Then that man had to walk in and ruin the moment. I grabbed my plate washed it and walked out to my room.

Once I got in my room I heard yelling.

I sighed to myself and begin to listen to what they were yelling about this time.


I got up and went to sit on the top of the stair case where I could see everything but they couldn't see me.

'She is a hoee and she doesn't know how to respect elders or this house bringing boy here such disrepect to our face!''He said sucking his teeth.

'You're lieing.'She sniffed.

'What did you say?'He yelled.Knowing damn well he heard cause I heard.

'You're lieing!'She yelled wiping a tear.'When you lie you eye twitches and I had a camera installed when we first moved here without your knowlege at the front of the door no where else just there for security purposes.

His face went pale.

'Yeah that's right niggah I had it there for so many years that I now decided to watch it  and  oh boy did I see a lot of shit so many shit that it killed me.To think I thought you were my husband to cherish me,love me,be there for me when I am weak but here you are fucking lieing in my face fucking over eighty something girls yeah I counted you been cheating on me since Lisa's birth.AND and and you want to sit here and lie to me saying she bring nigga's to the house and fuckk but I see no nigga's on the video with her everytime she comes home you got me thinking my only daughter is a slag but the truth is you are!'She yelled tears pouring down her face.


'Don't fucking Candice me you bitch I could have had a strong relationship with my daughter but you  oh my gosh you you fucking asshole you ruined it.You lied to me saying she was an evil child which I believed and treated her so badly.Oh my god you you...what she said was true wasn't it!Wasn't it!'She backed away covering her mouth hitting her back on the island.

'Oh my gosh Leon you are fucking sick!How could you rape my only daughter!You took away her innocence! I'm a bad fucking mother I should have believed her the time when she was 13 and came to me.How could I... Why am I so dumb...I should have noticed.But it's your fault you filled my head with lies and bullshit that I thought was true because you are my lover and why would you lie to me?'She cried.

'I don't know what crap she put in your head baby but it's all lies I would never do that to her or you.'He said leaning down to hug her small frame but she pushed him and stared at him with so much anger it could have killed thousands.

'Leon move the fuck away from me.She didn't fill my head up with shit and you lieing again because your eyes twitched.I should have believed her...why didn't I believe her,it's because I let my love for you take over my mind I should have thought less with my head and more with my brain.Oh AND GUESS WHAT YOU FUCKING IDIOT I AM PREGNANT AND I WANT A DIVORCE.'She yelled the last part.

It echoed in my head Pregnant and Divorce!

'You're pregnant?And you want a divorce. No! I am not allowing that to happen we can work thing out.'He pleaded.

I whiped a tear and realize I had been crying, I hurried up and got up and went into my room locking the door behind me as my mother cursed him one last time and walked out the kitchen.

I felt a weight of relief wash over me I guess my mother finally believing me is what it took to get rid of some of the pain I had.

I laid on my bed and hug my teddy bear and let silent tear fall down my cheek.

There was a knock on my bedroom door and I stared at it for few more second til the person knocked again I whiped my face and open my door and there stood my mother her eyes were red just like mines and she instantly hugged me.She held me tight in her arms like a mother should always do when their child is hurt.

'Lisa I am so so so so so sorry babe...I should have believed you...Why am I so dumb?'She cried and I cried along with her.

Just letting all the pain go.

'If I had stopped him long ago he would never had touch you....But I was thinking with my stupid heart not my head.'

I said nothing and just cried in her arms.

'Babe I am so sorry Mommy loves you with all her heart I didn't mean any of the thing I did.I am sorry.'

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