I woke up feeling good and alive for the first time in years, it felt like so much weight that was on my shoulder finally lifted.I got out of bed and did the stuff you do when you wake up then went down stairs.

I grabbed a breakfast bar from the counter and kissed my mother goodbye.

Surprising I know but I did.

I jumped on the train and walked the rest to school I was so tired when I got to Kyle.I was seriously unfit it's crazy, I hate walking.I hug Kyle and jumped on his back.

'Get the hell off my back girl you heavy as hell.'Kyle said trying to throw me off his back .

'No man I am tired carry me.'I said holding on to him tighter.

'Alright if you say so.'He grabbed on to my legs and started spinning around.

I started laughing he kept spinning us around and around until he fell causing me to fall.I couldn't stop laughing it was embarrassing cause there was so many people watching but I didn't care.

'So this is how you act in the Morning it's bare early an you jumping on people back.'I heard his deep sexy deep voice say.

I turned around and ran up to Enrique and kissed him.

We kissed for like 5minutes.

'Aww babe what are you doing here?'I said after we parted.

'I go here now.'

'Wait! what? since when?'I asked .

'I thought you would be happy to see my sexy face everyday so I signed into this school because my old school was wack.'He smiled.

I rolled my eyes at him he is too cocky!

'I'm playing gosh.'He said rolling his eyes playfully.'My dad told me to come to school cause my twin been acting up lately and he needs me to watch her.'

'WAIT WAIT WAIT WHOSE YOUR TWIN?'I asked well practically shouting.

'Why you always shouting damn.Madison my twin you geek.'He said.

I was shock.

Like I was in total utter shock.

Their TWINS!

Ewwww she is so ugh and he is so Yum and they don't look nothing alike she has dark brown eyes and he has sexy green eyes the only thing similar is their skin tone.I knew they were related but Twins!

'You never told me you were a twin.'I said hitting on his arm.

'You never ask.I don't tell you stuff unless you ask.'He said smiling.

'How old are you then.'

'Don't watch that.'He smiled.

I rolled my eyes at him,for some reason he doesn't want me to know his age.

'Let me see your schedule.' I asked him.

He gave it to me and he had like 4 classes with me and only two today my first and last period of the day.Yay this is going to be fun my two boys with me in school.

'Wait what school were you in before?'I asked.

'Some private school it was lame and I got kicked out for fighting this dude he took my sexy ink pencil and wanna say it was his! KMT!''He said.

I shook my head at him.

He was serious to.

I locked arms with Kyle and Enrique and walked to Drama class I felt like the female version of Hugh Hefner with the two sexiest nigga's in the school next to me and all the girl's skrewing me,I just smiled and contiued walking.

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