Chapter-24 Whole Heartedly


I was pacing back and forth in the waiting room where the doctor had told Kyle , Kim , and me to wait.

It was already 30 minutes that we had been waiting , no doctor or nurse had come to tell us what's going on.

My phone started ringing , it was my father I already knew he was gon' talk about the Lisa situation. I sucked my teeth and answered the phone.

" Pops this really ain't the time I'm at the hospital with Lisa."

" Of course you are , but leon is not please to find out your dating his daughter." He said sternly.

" Why should I give a fuck what Leon thinks , how the fuck can someone do that to there daughter." I said angrily.

My dad chuckled.

" I can tell you really like this girl." He said.

I scratched my head and chuckled." Yeah man she's awesome like one of a kind dime."

" I met your mom in high school too."

" Pops as much as I want to hear how you met mom , I got my girl to think about." I said rolling my eyes.

"Yeah , I just don't think that is actually Leon's daughter , I would think I remember my right hand man saying his wife is pregnant and it's not until recently he started saying that but there not together because your mom knows his wife."

"Ohh alright." I said slightly confused.

" And one more thing , the police will be asking you question on what happen just don't say leon did it cause I don't want my business being discovered." He said .

" What the fuck man , fuck alright pops bye." I said pissed hanging up the phone.

As soon as I hung up the phone two female officers walked into the waiting room.

"Who here came in with Lisa Whitell ." When of the officers asked.

She hated her last name.

"Us." I said as me , Kim , and Kyle stood up.

" Come with us." They said as they lead us out a door.

" I'm officer Mandy and that's officer Billy we just want to ask y'all some question." Officer Mandy said.

"Was it all of you who found her or just one of you?" Billy asked.

" Enrique found her first then we drove here" Kyle said.

" Okay come here Enrique." Billy said leading me to an open room.

" Alright Enrique is it ... Well tell us what happen to lisa why is she so bruised up ?" Mandy said changing her whole act all of sudden like I did it.

I looked at her straight in the eyes , I hate cops there a pain in the ass.

" I found her in an alley half way coucious , bleeding pretty bad from her nose and naked under a blanket tied up to a chair." I said staring at her straight in the eyes , it sorta hurt not saying it was that dumb fuck Leon.

" That is all you recall ? Did you see any one around any one that can be a witness?" Billy said taking the nice approach.

I looked to the right acting like I was thinking for a second.

" No I don't recall any one there." I said.

" Alright then , but if we find out it was you who did this to her you will be having some jail time boy." Mandy said and I rolled my eyes at her.

" That's impossible I was with Kyle and why the fuck would I do that to my girlfriend ?" I said with a slight attitude.

"We have seen many thing during our time , we can't be sure but we have to make everyone a suspect." Billy said.

I rolled and pushed my way through them.

This is why I fucking hate the police they always accusing the wrong people , stupid ducks !

I walked back into the waiting room , Kyle and Kim looking at me once I sat down.

I already knew they wanted me to tell them what happen.

" Sooooo?" Kim said looking at me expectingly.

"Those stupid bitches asking me questions like I did it cause I'm her boyfriend so it must of been some domestic violence or some shit , fuck them." I said sucking my teeth.

" They ain't tell you nothing about Lisa?" Kyle asked hoping to have one update on her.

"Naw." I said shaking my head.

We waited and it seemed like a doctor would never come until after 2 more hours a doctor came in asking who was here for her. Me , Kyle and Kim stood up and he escorted us outside.

"Are any of you related to Lisa?" The doctor asked.

"Yeah I am , I'm her sister." Kim lied.

"Okay I need you to sign this." The doctor said passing her a clipboard which Kim signed and passed it back to the doctor.

"Okay Lisa died-

Kim and Kyle fainted and I just sorta fell to my knee's stunned.

Wow when I actually like a girl whole heartedly she dies.

I watched as the doctor bent down to Kyle and Kim yelling for a nurse.

I was going to Murder Leon !

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