''Come man Kyle lets go.''I said draging him to my house.I was going to bring Enrique but he sorta kinda pissed me off so I was only taking Kyle.

''No man I don't want to go.''He whined.

''She is not going to kill you so come on.'I pulled him onto my road and was basically dragging him to my front door.

Stubborn Child.

''No offense Lisa I don't like your mom from what you been telling me what is she on some  crazy shit and trying to kill on your friends?And hunny I ain't tryna get killed I am to sexy to have blood cover my face.''He said stopping in front of my door.

'Ugh be a man Kyle.'He chuckled.

''Okay at least promise mi that if she kills mi you gon hit her with ah fryin pan.''He said so serious it made me laugh.

''But she pregnant Kyle and that's just harsh.'

''Ok allow her until eight months after the babies birth then kill er.''He said and I rolled my eyes at him.

''Come on you little scary bitch.''I unlocked my door and dragged him inside and was hit by the smell of food.She has been cooking alot of food lately I am gonna be so fat by the end of this month.

I  walked into the kitchen with Kyle behind me.

''Hey ma what you making.''I said kissing her cheeck.

''Food. Just sit down and food would be ready soon.''She turned around to smile at me and saw Kyle and her smile grew even more.

'Um Hi ma'am My names Kyle.''He said cautious of his words.

I laughed inside my head beause how he was acting.

''Oh your the one Lisa told me about,your so handsome.''She said going over to hug him he looked scared but relaxed in her embrace.

Aww my mom and my bestie finally meeting!!

''You sure you gay because you're so damn sexy.''The look on my face  probabily said it all like eww man my  mom was tryna flirt with my bestie.

Kyle laughed and said yes.

''Shame if I was a little young I would turn you straight with my moves.''She said winking at him.

''MAAAAAAAAAAA!''I yelled covering my ears while her and Kyle laughed.

I took Kyle's hand and went into my room I did not need to hear this shit.One we got into my room Kyle looked around because it was his first time being in there.He went to my bed and picked up my favorite red teddy bear and swinged it in the air.

''Why do you have this teddy bear your like 17 your to old for this shit.''He said flipping it in the air making it do kung fu moves and I rolled my eyes at him.

''I can't sleep without it. I got it when my life was perfect so I want to keep it to remind me of those days.''I said simply.

He looked at me then put it back down where he found it.He came and hugged me and kissed my forehead.

''On the reals I thought ya mom was going to be some crazy looking lady with a mustache and real short and wearing a devil custom.''Kyle said.

I busted out lauhing what the hell was wrong with him and his weird self.

''Lisa oh shit I forgot to tell you bout mi dream last night it was de most crazy thing me ever don seen.''He said with his jamican accent.

''So am walking down road right.''

''And you get shot?''

''No man listen am walking then I see this tall blonde curly haired boy walking in front mi he look a little taller but I couldn't see his face because his back was facing me.''

''So what he raped you?''I interupted and he laughed.

''Man listen, SO yeah I started following him.''

''Stalker much!'' I laughed.

''Lisa shut the fuck up, So yeah I followed him right and he turns around and oh my gosh he was sexy.''He said biting his lip.

''WHO was He?''I shouted.

''Me and I was kissing him and Oh his lips were soft!''

I bursted out laughing only Kyle cou.ld have a dream with him being blonde and kissing himself.I was finding it hard to breath oh my gosh Kyle was an idiot.

My mom called us and we went down for dinner.I ate like a queen my stomach was poking out and every thing and Kyle looked like he was enjoying his food to.

''I got you something Lisa.''My mom said getting a big looking box from behind her back I took it and thanked her And ripped it open so eagered to know whats in it.



I got up and hugged the shit out of her man I was gonna love my new babe!

Kyle took it from me and analyzed it.

''Yup it's the new one let me put my number in here.''I smiled oh man nothing could ruin this day.

Then Kyle had to leave so I walked him like one block because that's all he would let me do because he was scared for my well-being.

I walked back into the house and hugged  my mom again my she was to awesome now!

''You didn't have to get me this.''What was I saying yes she did!

''It was no problem and I need a way to contact you if anything is to happen to me.''

''Oh okay but thanks!''I said overly exiceted.

Man don't judge you all know how it felt to get your first phone.

I kissed her goodnight and went in my room I fell asleep hugging my teddy bear before I could take a shower man I was happy even it was short.

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