I woke up and my body was sore my legs was aching with pain.I could bearly walk from the beaten I had taken last night, i walked into my bathroom looking in the mirror my eye was swollen and dark around it ugh fuck i wonder what my moms gonna say.I took a hot shower and my body stung from the burning water.I washed my hair then got out the shower I put on my black long sleeve shirt dark jeans and my black chucks.I walked into the hallway and heard moaning and Loud screams of pleasure I already knew that was the devil and my mother at one of their make up sex.I went into the kitchen not even hungry cause my appetitie has been ruined I grabbed and ice pack from the freezer and put it on my eye it made my eye feel better.I sat on the stool and let the ice heal my swollen.Minutes later my mom came down with him in his big tee shirt and him in a business suit my mom kissed him goodbye for work and when she turned around he winked and  smiled at me then walked out the door.She walked in the kitchen smiling then when she looked at me it disapeared.She said something under her breath that I couldn't here then walked to the stove and pulled out stuff necessary for her to cook her breakfast.

'Morning.'I said.

'What happen to your eye.'

'That man hit me.'

'Ugh not this again child stop blaming your father for everything if a damn boy hit you then tell the truth but it must of been your fault any way you hoe around like its nothing.'She said sucking her teeth.

'What he did hit me and I don't hoe around.'I said turning to look at her.

'Your father told me about the boys you bring to my house everynight and fuck in your room when you think me or him is not here so don't lie you don't even have shame for yourself and that is so disrespectful of you to fuck every nigga in my damn house.' She sucked her teeth at me.

'So you really gonna believe man over your daughter.'

'You damn right  I been with him longer then your life itself so damn right I am gonna believe my man over some little girl.'She said going back to cooking her breakfast.

'Man fuck this.'I said getting and putting the ice pack in the fridge.

'What did you say I am still your damn mom remember that'

'Then act like it!'I said taking my keys and leaving out the house.Seriously I don't Know where this burst or bravery came from starting with last night fighting back for the first time and finally standing up to my mom I guess I just got tired of all the bullshit.But I know when I come back home she is gonna want to beat up on me. I took the train to Kyle's house not caring about all the stares I was getting from people because of my black eye.

I knocked on the door  and Kyle answered right away with only his towel and water dripping from his chest he smiled then it soon faded when he looked at my face.

'Naw Lisa what the fuck happen.'He said pulling me into his house examining my eyes.

'Um ...'

'What the fuck Lisa I will kill your mom my damn self  if she doesn't stop this shit it ain't cool the fuck wrong with her?'

I might as well tell him it wasn't my mom and tell him it was my dad but I don't want him to judge me if I tell him what my dad does to me would he call me stupid? Or will he just hug me and tell me everything is all right?

He pulled me into a hug bringing me close to his chest ,his hug was so gentle but it hurt like hell so i shreked in pain.He look at me with one eye brow raised.I shifted my gaze away from his and he pulled up my shirt revealing my bruise on my stomach.It had tuned a deeper shade of red and purple.

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