I sat in the chair crying I was in enormous pain.

He had done all he could do to me.

He slapped me.

My thighs were in pain because he slapped them countless of times because I refused to open them.

When he entered me it hurt I was in pain.

When he ripped the tape of my mouth it hurt like hell.

He made me suck him up and when I refused to swallow and spit it at his face he was enraged.

He slapped me then kicked me in the chest a couple times .

I heard heavy footsteps.

Leon looked scared and it made me kind of smile for a second .

Who was he scared of like that?

He ran and got a sheet and covered me up.

"Say something and I'll kill you." He said before covering my face.

I was in pain like not the type you can describe.

I heard the door open.Then heavy footsteps.

" Leon what the fuck is going on ?" The voice boomed demanding for attention.

"Help!" I said as loud as I could, at that moment I didn't care if I died any place would be better then getting beat like this.

I heard his heavy footsteps walk towards me, then my face was uncovered.

" What the fuck Leon? What and Why possessed you to mess up this teen?" Hot voice boomed.

He looked familiar.

Oh shit I know who he is I remember seeing him in a picture.

He was Enrique's father.

" It is none of your business what I do with my daughter!" Leon barked.

He got punched on his face in one second.

He spit out blood and stared back at Enrique's father.

" I don't know who the fuck you talking to but remember I'm not some kid I will fuck you up in a slit of a second nigga, and last time I check you ain't had no kids and I know you didn't adopt so don't be bringing your kidnapping shit over here and fuck up my business." He barked.

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