I heard my moms voice and I looked threw the peep hole to see if the man was still there.

Oh My Gosh he was still there.

I slid to the floor my heart suddenly hurting more from me running and now I am scared to see someone watching my house.


I started breathing in and out slowly trying to get my heart to it's regular pace.

No one saw me because Kyle had made them go into the living room.

Kyle came out of the living room and ran to me when he saw me on the floor.

''Lisa you okay.''Kyle asked worry clear in his voice.

''Panic ...attack.....can't .... breath.''I said trying to calm my heart down.

My mom came down the stairs and ran to me looking at me worriedly looking me up and down for bruises.

''Baby what's wrong are you okay?What wrong with her?''She said asking Kyle.

''I'm guessing she might be having another panic attack.Lisa just breath in and out slowly okay.''Kyle said.

He said it a little loud so I am guessing they heard from them leaving the living room.When Kim and Enrique saw me on the floor they ran over to me.

''What happen?''Kim asked looking at confused.

''Trying to calm her damn before she has another panic attack.''Kyle said but continued to tell me to breathe and out.

My mom just stared at me squeezing my hand to reassure me everything is all right.

I listen to Kyle and slowly begin to breath at a normal pace again.

I got up and pushed past everyone and went into my kitchen and grabbed a cup and filled it with water and drank it slowly I suddenly felt thirsty.

Kyle came to me and hugged me then hit me on my arm hellah hard.

''Oww that hurt nigga.''I yelled rubbing my arm.

''This is just a warning next time you do that shit I am going to murder you.''He said and I laughed.

My mom came up to me and hugged me.

''What the hell was that about.''She said.

''Nothing just was probably cause from me running we were having a little race I just ran a little to fast my heart couldn't take it.''I lied.

''Okay then since your okay now who are all these people.''She asked.

Damn I didn't think this far.

''Oh yeah sorry. um you already know Kyle, that's Kimberly, that's Carmello and that's JahMaury.''I said smiling and introducing each of them.

She smiled and said Hi to them.

''How about him whose he?''My mom asked pointing at Enrique.

Yeah I still didn't tell her I had a boyfriend.

''I am----''

''He is my boyfriend Enrique.''I said cutting Enrique off smiling at my mom hoping she didn't freak out..

She looked him up and down and smiled.

''I've heard nothing about you but I must say my daughter has taste you are a handsome young thing if I was a little younger oh you could get  but there is two of you can I have you both?''She said looking at Mello and Enrique.

She looked completely serious.

'Mom!''I yelled.

Mello and Enrique chuckled.

''Sorry Ma'am I am kinda taken.''Enrique said kissing me on the cheek.

I bite my lip trying to hold back the smile.

''DAMN Lisa your mom is gorgeous.''Mello said licking his lips.

Eww Mello had some problems!

''Thank you.''She said bitting her lip I could have sworn I seen her blush.

''Mom no go back to bed or something.''I whined.

Her and Kim laughed and I just shook my head.

'Okay I will be out of ya hair gheez chill dawg.Help ya selves to the food in the fridge just don't ya motherfuckers dare and touch my Ketchup.''My mom said trying to act cool.

I bust out laughing and so did everyone else.She smiled and walked up the stairs.

''Why we can't touch the ketchup fa?''Kim asked confused.

''Oh my mom loves her Ketchup she kinda craving it alot lately cause she pregnant and all.''I said chuckling to my self and they all oh'ed.

Enrique turned me around and kissed me not giving a hell if they was watching.I couldn't help but smile during our little passionate kiss.

'Aww looka here the two little couple.''Kim coo'ed.

I laughed then bit my lip slightly embarrassed.

''You can stop scaring me I like it when your breathing and here to kiss me your lips are soft and sexy.''Enrique said whispering in my ear.He bit his lip smirking at me.

He was to damn cute.

Kim pulled me from him and I looked at her confused.

''You still got some explaining to do if you think I believe that little false story then you must think I'm stupid and I am not stupid.''Kim said in a whisper so only I could hear.

''Ugh alright.''

''Kyle do me a favor I want to talk to Kim alone can ya'll go play madden on My playstation3 in the living room.''I said to Kyle.

''You have a playstation3?''Jah,Mello,and Enrique said in unison they sounded so happy.

'Yeah is that a surprise? Just cause I am a girl don't mean I don't play video games.''

''Enrique dawg she a fucking keeper if you do some dumb shit and mess her about I will kill you myself and then wife her.''Mello said making me laugh.

Enrique smiled at me and pecked me on the cheek knowing he got his brother's approval that I was a keeper.

''Go now.''I said and they all ran into my living room while me and Kim went up stairs to my bedroom.

She jumped on my bed picking up my little red teddy bear.

''What's up with the bear?''She asked.

''Helped me sleep threw hard times.''

She shook her head in understanding.

''So talk my dear what was all that about huh?''

''Um so remember we was running right?''


''When all y'all ran into the house I was getting ready to close the door..''

''Did them girl's come and jump you or something? Omg why didn'y you call us.''She said getting ahead of herself.

''No No No man listen there was this man he was just watching the house...It scared the shit out me so I closed the door...I look through the peep hole and the man is still there watching the house I think It could be my dad and to tell you the honest truth I am fucking scared....What if he has someone watching my house?What if he stalking me?''I said starting to breath heavy again.

''Lisa calm down try and catch your breath.Just tell your mom to get a restraining order thats what my mom is doing for me.''She said.

I calm down a little.

''You think it's gonna be that easy?''I asked.

''No.But it's a start gotta start somewhere right?''She said then hugged me.

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